Friday, February 24, 2006

The Cause And Effect Of Radical Islam

It's my latest post at the Wide Awakes. Check it out.


Always On Watch said...

Dropped you a comment at TWA.

Excellent essay, with your asking some important questions.

SuperFrenchie said...

Hey, LA, I wanted to ask you: you describe yourself as a moderate independant. I am not too sure what that means, but I sort of expected opinions a little bit all over the political spectrum. Liberal sometimes, conservative other times.

Yet pretty much everything I see here seems quite a bit conservative, and I have not yet seen many opinions that I would call liberal, or even "not conservative."

It's not that I really mind. Your opinions are what they are and that's perfectly fine with me. I was just wondering what makes you call yourself a "moderate independant."

Having said that, I do appreciate the fact that I, as a liberal (albeit fiercely independant), a Frenchman, pro-EU and strongly anti-religious, I do not feel unwelcome or slighted or bashed. As it is quite rare on conservative sites, I am very grateful. This is not LGF, here! :)

LASunsett said...

Thanks AOW. I always value your imput. You certainly have read a lot on Islam and there is much to learn, on my part.


I belong to no political party, that's an independent. Many of my beliefs fall under the Libertarian ideology, which is freedom from government. I want government to work for me, not the other way around. If it were within my power I would cut the hell out of the federal government and put much (not all) of the responsibility back on the individual states.

I am considered liberal in some areas, abortion and the death penalty.

I absolutely loathe abortion, but as we can learn from the prohibition era, you cannot make something illegal once it has been legal. If you do, the black market will take over the operations and in this case, that cannot be good. The back alley butchers will start back up and our kids will die from unsterile techniques. My belief is to educate and stop abortion from the demand side. Demand drops, abortion clinics close.

Death penalty, because I do not like the state having the power to say who lives and who dies. As you know from your own history, there could always be a Robispierre that could get carried away and indiscriminately carry out unwarranted executions, in the name of justice. Not only that, I think that spending life without a chance of parole in a moldy, nasty prison is more of a punishment than death. Are there people worthy of death? Yes. I inderstand heinous and I do believe that they deserve to die, but I don't want the state doing it.

In national defense and security, I am conservative.

I am glad you feel welcome here, I have some pretty intelligent readers here that have good manners. They willtake your arguments to task without lowering themselves to name-calling. I must admit though, to those few liberals that have ventured to come in here and get nasty, I have and will continue to rip them a new orifice, when the situation warrants. Not for their beliefs, but their manners.

Keep coming back, sir. And tell all of your friends about us. They are welcome too, as long as they are courteous.

SuperFrenchie said...

Assasinate the argument! leave the blogger alone!

PS: the death penalty is barbaric. It belongs to another age.

SuperFrenchie said...

By the way, how do you square the Iraq war, that mother of nation-buildding jobs, with conservatism, which is supposed to stay out of imperial adventures?

(this is a serious question, no sarcasm is meant or implied)