Monday, February 06, 2006

New Blog Added To The PYY Blogroll

I'd like take a moment to present a new blog, you will now find in the PYY blogroll, Super Frenchie. And as you may guess, he is French. His site offers a perspective from a Frenchman living in America.

As he and I have already found there are some differences of opinion in some areas, but that isn't the important thing. The thing to note is, we have many areas where we agree. Most of you that read this blog with any regularity at all know that I am no fan of communism. And neither is he. Check out his post, Commy Frenchies.

You won't find more of an international focus in a blog as you do here. We have a good mix of nations represented. Just take a look at this:

Global American Discourse

BRITAIN - Up Pompeii, EU Rota, The Road To Euro Serfdom

GERMANY - David's Medienkritik

IRAN - I doubt these guys are in Iran, but at A Daily Briefing On Iran, you can get up to date news and information on the activities inside the world's most dangerous theocracy.

And now, FRANCE is represented well, too.

So give Frenchie a look. And give these others a look too. There is much to learn from and about each other. And this forum can be one of the many methods used to seek out a better understanding of one another.


SuperFrenchie said...

If you ask me, the best post ever written on my blog was by a guest blogger, Bernard Chazelle.

An outstanding and funny piece of writing that will really help you understand the French riots.

SuperFrenchie said...

By the way, is now the world's most read French blog.

And France is a country where the number of blogs per capita is already one of the highest in the world.

LASunsett said...


I will check that piece out, thanks.

As far as the popularity of your blog is concerned, I think that is great. I would think much of that success is because it is an excellent genuine French blog. Having it in English, helps too. Good job, sir.