Sunday, February 05, 2006

Steelers Win Fifth

Even though I am probably one of the few people that still watch the Super Bowl for the game itself, and not the commercials, I'd like to say, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for winning their fifth Super Bowl.

There is no doubt that they deserved it. They won seven straight to win it all and won every playoff game on the road. They beat the numbers one, two, and three seeds in the AFC; then in the big one, they beat the number one seed of the NFC. They earned it, they are the champs.

Seattle had every opportunity, but they seemed content to shoot themselves in the foot at the most inopportune times. Penalties, dropped passes, passes thrown out of bounds, all killed Seattle's momentum several times duting the course of the game. All in all, I think it was the experience factor. Pittsburgh has been in the playoffs in the last few years, Seattle has not. Take nothing away from the Steelers, but the Seahawks' nervousness showed.

But just so the record is straight, Pittsburgh has traditionally been one of my least favorite teams, the other two that hold that distinction are Dallas and San Francisco. So there is no celebration here. On the other hand, it's going to be hard to feel sorry or shed any tears for the Seahawks, since they made more money in tonight's game, than most people make in a year.

But hey, this year belongs to the Steelers organization. They overcame a shaky midseason (with Roethlisberger's injuries) that could have caused them to tank out and quit. But they didn't. And now, they have the trophy.

For them, the celebration begins. For the other 31 teams, there's always next season. For the stars of the game, there's next week's Pro Bowl. But for me, the NCAA tournament is just around the corner.


A.C. said...

Good analysis. To use an ole cliche, the Steelers were the team of destiny this year. But LA, as an old Browns fan I can't find it in my heart to say congrats just yet. Maybe some day. Next year, for example. Or the year after.

SuperFrenchie said...

Lasunsett: /I am probably one of the few people that still watch the Super Bowl for the game itself//

You mean all 12 minutes of it?

For info, an average play in football lasts a little less than 6 seconds. There are on average 120 plays per game. Or 12 minutes of actual play.

The other 3 hours and 18 minutes are made up of commercials, half-time, replays, huddles, and cheerleaders.

A quick summary of football: huddle, line up, pile up, and repeat!

Except for the cheerleaders part, boring, if you ask me... ;)

LASunsett said...


Being a Browns fan, how did that make you feel when Baltimore won that Super Bowl, a few years back? That would have been YOUR title. I know a guy at work that was from Cleveland, he wasn't too happy about it.


American football is about strategy and the psychological warfare between offense and defense. It's a chess match. George Carlin said it best when he siad it's a lot like war, you take the other team's territory. Aerial attacks, ground attacks, etc.

Your football, to me, isn't as exciting because although you kick the ball more, I see a lot of running up and down the field and usually, not a lot of scoring. But, it's all what you grew up with. I grew up with baseball (which can be boring when watched on TV), football, and basketball. You grew up with what I call soccer.

A.C. said...

When Model burned Cleveland by moving the Browns I stopped watching the NFL altogether for a number of years, so when Baltimore won that SB it didn't bother me too much. In the last few years I've come back, but I guess the rivalry never left.

SuperFrenchie said...

Soccer sometimes feel like having sex for one hour without an orgam in the end!