Sunday, February 19, 2006

Think Abu Ghraib Was Bad?

Well, take a look at what was done by the new hero of the American left. His image is on shirts everywhere, the kids think it's just, so cool. Carlos Santana even wore one to the Grammy Awards, last year.

But that's not the issue, right?

It's more important for the media to harp about Abu Ghraib, the wiretapping, and the Cheney accident. That means that Portgate, the cartoon riots, and the Iran situation all take back seats and get used as filler, when there isn't enough new dirt on the subjects that do not matter.

That's the issue.


All_I_Can_Stands said...

The media can talk about what news items they choose to talk/print about, how they discuss it and how long all they want. They have tried for years to shove down our throats that they report what sells. Recent negative "profits" of major news organizations sure torpedoes that.

Then they throw around the "responsible journalism" clap-trap. A week of the Cheney shooting (and the promise of another week of it) vs. the anemic coverage of Portgate torpedoes the concept of responsible journalism.

Next they talk about a "world view" vs. nationalism, yet if they keep reporting as they do, the world will be taken over by radicals while they scratch their heads.

The bottom line is that the media is driven completely by irresponsible passion. They will hound a story to the ends of the earth (whether a story exists or not) if it is somebody they hate because of ideology. As with all leftists they do not want a world that is prosperous, healthy and happy unless those conditions are the result of their policies enacted. The problem is that wherever their liberal policies are enacted we only see poverty, disease and misery in the worse case; with sluggish mediocre economies at best.

LASunsett said...

Mere words cannot express just how much I agree with your comment.