Saturday, February 18, 2006

Schumer On Savage

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) was a guest on the Michael Savage Show, last evening. If you have ever heard his show, you would know that Sen. Schumer doesn't get a lot of positive press from Dr. Savage, on a regular basis. In fact, Michael said it best himself in his introduction of the Senator from New York, by quoting an old adage. Politics, sometimes, makes strange bed fellows.

Now first, let me say that I do not always agree with Michael Savage, I am not a sycophant of anyone (he isn't, either). In fact, I don't think I have ever linked to him before. He is based in San Francisco and is a moody talk-show host that gets angry and despondent at the drop of a hat, in true New York style (which is where he is from). He is on the fringe of the far right-wing about 15% of the time, sometimes to the right of Pat Buchanan. But, he gets it right on the borders, Homeland Security, and liberalism in general. He is a best-selling author of three books, The Savage Nation, The Enemy Within, and Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder.

But back to the guest.

Mr. Schumer seemed genuinely surprised that he was asked to be a guest, he has to know that Savage has called him a schmuck too many times to count. But the nature of this issue is too important to let politics get in the way. Many feel that way, I know that I certainly do. And so does Schumer. So, technically, I can now honestly say that there has been at least one issue that I have sided with him, Hillary, and a host of other Democrats that I usually disagree with, sharply.

As as I commented on The Logic Lifeline earlier today, a very very hot place, just just got very very cold, very very fast. To which he replied:

For one brief moment, the snowball has a chance.

Anyway, here is what Schumer plugged, straight from his website. Here is the beginning:

On Monday a $6.8 billion dollar deal put the operation and control of the major New York and New Jersey ports in the control of a firm in the United Arab Emirates and owned by the Government of Dubai, Dubai Ports World. Today, Senators Chuck Schumer, Tom Coburn, Frank Lautenberg, and Chris Dodd are being joined by Reps. Chris Shays, Vito Fossella and Mark Foley in sending a letter to Treasury Secretary John Snow urging him to review the deal immediately.

I urge all people that think this is just about as stupid of an idea that could ever be had, to get behind these men and get this thing stalled, and eventually stopped. We cannot allow something like this to be ramrodded through without more review and more debate. This is just too sensitive of an issue. This is an issue that both conservatives and liberals can and should agree on. But to make it work, we need everyone that wants this stopped to make some noise and let the President, our representatives, and our senators know that we want this stopped, and we want it stopped now.


Always On Watch said...

I don't often agree with Schumer, but he and I have had a bit of contact over the insidious nature of the Islamic Saudi Academy, alma mater of convicted Presidential-assassin-would-be Ahmed Abu Ali. Schumer does have his security-conscious side.

I write or email my elected officials in Congress every other day on this ports proposal. This holiday weekend, I'll expand those I mail to the names I found in an article.

I think that Hillary is taking this position as part of her run for the White House. I predicted her shift toward national security in my history class on Thursday, before the story came out. But right now, Party lines must not be the issue!

The damn media need to get away from the Cheney "gunning down" (I actually heard that term on MSNBC this morning!) and start harping on the risk to our ports.

LASunsett said...

//I think that Hillary is taking this position as part of her run for the White House. I predicted her shift toward national security in my history class on Thursday, before the story came out. But right now, Party lines must not be the issue!//

The ends justify the means sometimes. However, whoever, whatever, makes no difference to me. Just as long as it gets stopped.

Gindy said...

"Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) was a guest on the Michael Savage Show, last evening. "

Wow. I am bummed that I missed that one.

"Mr. Schumer seemed genuinely surprised that he was asked to be a guest,"

That makes two of us.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

One thing I would point out that I stated in my first post on this: while having a company from the UAE in charge of this is insane, it was stupid to have a London based company to have it as well, ally or no. The US must maintain its own security not reps from another country.

A.C. said...

LA, great point on the fact the MSM is trying to duck this story. What in the world?

If they want a real scandal, there's money being spread around like butter all over this deal.

Always On Watch said...

Update from Global Security Newswire, February 16, 2006:

U.S. Watches Dubai Banks for Proliferation Ties

WASHINGTON — U.S. Treasury Department representatives are monitoring the possibility that money flowing through banks in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, could be supporting WMD proliferation by countries such as Iran, a Treasury official told a House of Representatives subcommittee today (see GSN, Feb. 13).

The director of the agency’s Foreign Assets Control Office, Robert Werner, expressed continued concern in the wake of Dubai-based activities of the Dutch bank ABN Amro that in December 2005 led the United States to fine the bank $80 million for improper transactions with Libyan and Iranian clients. The case involved U.S.-prohibited wire transfers for Iranian and Libyan clients by the bank's Dubai employees.

“I'm very concerned by the type of activities that the ABN Amro case demonstrated,” Werner told the Financial Services Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee. “We intend to look at other situations that maybe may involve other international banks involved in that kind of conduct.”

Asked by subcommittee Chairwoman Sue Kelly (R-N.Y.) whether he was concerned ABN Amro had “laundered” WMD-related Iranian transactions through Dubai, Werner said officials from his office recently met in the United Arab Emirates with officials of that country to discuss WMD proliferation.

He said the office, which administers U.S. sanctions against entities of national-security concern, would continue to monitor Dubai as a possible hub for circumvention of WMD-related sanctions.

“The possible use of UAE-incorporated companies by Iranian agencies or citizens is of great concern to us,” he said.

Despite Kelly's suggestion that Treasury might designate Dubai as a “jurisdiction of primary money-laundering concern,” Werner expressed confidence in his UAE interlocutors.

“They are anxious to engage in a dialogue with us,” he said. “My feeling is that they're striving to work with OFAC.”

Replied the chairwoman, “Perhaps a bit of cynicism on the part of Treasury in dealing with these people might be in order.”

U.S. President George W. Bush issued an executive order in June 2005 on blocking transfers of U.S. assets to entities of proliferation concern. Eighteen suspect companies have been listed so far under the order, including six in Iran and 11 in North Korea. Among other activities, Werner's office conducts investigations that provide evidence for listings of suspect entities under the order.

LASunsett said...


Thanks for the update. I hadn't read this, but it looks like we have an out should we choose to accept it.

SuperFrenchie said...
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SuperFrenchie said...

Michael Savage? You mean Michael Wiener?

Michael Wiener is a hater. Anybody who says his political adversaries (that would be me!) as having a mental disorder is not worthy of discussion in my book.

He has also said:

"Arabs are 'non-humans'"

"[Sen. Joe] McCarthy was 100% right... McCarthy was a hero" [March 28, 2002]

"Don’t talk about the majority of bums who live in tin huts, they shouldn't even vote...anyone who goes on welfare should lose their right to vote, they are parasites." [April 18, 2002]

“The white race is being snuffed off the planet through immigration.”

"I spit on them; I hate their guts" [‘degenerate leftists who have ruined this nation’ (Note: that would be me as well)]

"ALL French are sexually depraved" (that would be me also)

Finally, to get back to the subject at hand, I must say that I am always surprised to hear such radical views on immigration. Immigration in my opinion is one of the most wonderful things that exist in your country. It's what makes it diverse, rich and tolerant. I wish we Europeans were half as successful as you are with immigration. Make it better, maybe, but please don't suppress it!

All_I_Can_Stands said...

You celebrity!!!!! I'm sitting here listening to Michael Savage and he reads part of THIS post. I was waiting with bated breath for him to get to where you quoted me and he stops. :(

So close to my 2006 goal of being mentioned by one of the big boys this year. Well, since he mentioned you now you're a big boy and you mentioned me. I'll settle for that :)

Congratulations. What a trip. Sick as I am today, I got a shot of adrenaline.

LASunsett said...


That's unreal. Maybe surreal, I don't know for sure. So, are you going to tell me what he said? Or do you like to see people suffer? ;) is my e-mail. E-mail me if you want.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

In addition to the email I sent, I have added a congatulatory post to my blog.

Sorry you missed hearing it. That would be my luck.

If anyone else heard it, please confirm so LA doesn't start thinking I am pulling his leg. I would not do that on something like this. That would be mean. Trust me, you had national exposure.

Trouble is, people probably could not find you because he did not spell out your blog name. I am sure hundreds of people have been trying to find you by typing in some of these possibilities:


You get the idea. Anyway, maybe your radio station plays "Best of Savage" on the weekend.