Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What's The Real Story?

It's time for Dick Cheney to face the press. The people of the United States of America must know just how the VP could accidently shoot a friend of his, while hunting quail. Mr. Whittington is a private citizen and his rights to privacy are to be damned. We must know how this act that happened on private property and on his own private time, occurred. It's in all of our best interests, to violate the rights of a man that was the unintended victim of an accident, in order to know what the real story behind this mishap was. All because the perpetrator, is a public figure.

Sarcasm aside for a moment, he does need to anwer the questions that these over-inflated egos want answered, just so they will shut up and go on to more pressing issues that concern more Americans, especially when their safety and security is at stake. But hey, that's just me.

As rich and as powerful as Mr. Cheney is, I cannot imagine this is a man that has no feelings. You cannot convince me that he doesn't feel like a real heel, right about now. Most people would. You cannot persuade me to believe that this was in anyway intentional, so what's the story here? What's the big issue here? Do public figures owe an explanation to the press anytime they are involved in an accident? As long as they speak to the authorities that have jurisdiction, who says they have to speak with anyone? Who says they need to contact David Gregory and release information, immediately after the fact so he can get a scoop.

As I said earlier, the sooner the VP talks about this, the sooner this thing can die and go away. The sooner he does so, the sooner the Whittington family and everyone else held hostage to this unnecessary power struggle, can go about their daily lives and put this behind them. It's time to speak about the incident, admit any failures, and then move on.

The big concern right now, should be the health and recovery of Mr. Whittington. Therefore, that should be the primary focus of the vulturous press corps and not, how this White house keeps more secrets than any other, in the modern age. This isn't about policy or other official business, this is about an accident. It's about the recovery of the unintended victim and the rest is between Mr. Whittington and Mr. Cheney.

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A.C. said...

Cheney surely erred by not having his press attache put out a story immediately, but I'm not sure the coverage would have been any less unhinged.

As for not getting the story, the press has itself to blame. Next time they need to grab some blaze orange and get out there.