Thursday, June 08, 2006

AP: Zarqawi Killed In Air Raid

The Associated Press is reporting that Public Enemy #1 in Iraq, has been killed in an air raid.

We have been led down this path before. I can only say that I hope this is correct. But for now, I must caution against over-jubilation because this campaign is about much more than one man. There is always another one waiting in the wings to take over as PE#1, in any society, anywhere. Even if bin Laden were to be killed or captured, the war would continue.


All major news organizations are reporting that Zarqawi has been positively identified as one of the dead. There are reports that al-Qaida has even confirmed this story.

This gives a big boost to the President and is a morale builder for the troops and the Iraqi people. But as I said earlier, despite the fact that the news media will devote most of the day to analysis and prognostication, the struggle will continue. This is not the end of anything, except Zarqawi's life. But, hopefully it will be the beginning of the end.


All_I_Can_Stands said...

I heard this while my radio alarm was going off. Great news! Rest in pieces, Zarqawi.

G_in_AL said...

This one ought to be fun to watch the media on. I think they are going to be rather caught on how to report this.

By the way, the left will say:

"What about that timing... Bush's poll nubmers are lower than the gutters, and suddenly we killed this guy? Yeah right, he's probably been sitting in a morgue somwhere waiting for the right moment to be "killed"... and were thousands of innocent iraqis killed worth it?"

But, the thing is, that sad drumbeat is getting old, and America's short attention span wont listen to it. It works against Bush when it seems Iraq is getting to a stalemate, but works for him in things like this, because the Libs rhetoric is tired and cliche.