Monday, June 19, 2006

Death Penalty For Repeat Sex Offenders?

According to an RCP article by Debra Saunders there are a couple of states that have governors that have signed bills to make repeated sex offense crimes against children punishable by death.

Now, I absolutely despise child molestors to the core. They are the lowest form of criminal, next to a murderer of a child. I have no problem locking them up in solitary confinement and throwing away the key. But Ms Saunders points out one very good solid reason as to why, the death penalty in this case would not be the wisest thing to do and would not protect our children any more than life in prison would.

Michael Rushford of the pro-death penalty Criminal Justice Legal Foundation in Sacramento, Calif., captured my thoughts exactly when he said: "It's like this. If you get a death sentence for raping a little girl, and you get a death sentence for a raping a little girl and killing a little girl, and the only witness to the crime is the little girl, why not kill them all?"

Many that read PYY know that I am no big fan of the death penalty and I have stated why that is, on a couple of occasions. But if you are going to have a death penalty, it must be used wisely. And in my estimation, these states have not used good sense, in this case.


All_I_Can_Stands said...

LA, I will have to disagree with you on this one. My problem with the death penalty is that it is under used and takes too long to implement in order to effectively be a deterrent.

As for the child molestors, death is the only guarantee that they will not be released into society. Our judicial system seems to like these creeps. They are released early all too often either at sentencing, at parole or some other circumstance. The only time you can rest easy that they will not be released is if they are dead.

If they have a bullet-proof case that includes solid DNA evidence these creeps should be given the fast track to the needle. They should set up a special court system just for these creeps so that from conviction to death it is less than a year.

LASunsett said...


That's okay, you are always free to disagree with me. Ms Miami disagrees with me 90 % of the time and I don't eat her alive, do I? ;)

But look at the clip I posted again.

There are some sick and twisted individuals that may choose to roll the dice and kill the kid, just to keep them quiet. By putting the molester in a lose-lose situation, he may opt to take a chance that he would not have otherwise taken.

Call it pacifist if you want, but if the life of a handful of kids can be prevented, I am for it. Otherwise, I wouldn't care one way or the other. I'd be with you, if that was not the case.

But I can say with a certainty. they live a tortured life behind bars. Someone will always be looking to get them. Child molesters do not fare well in prison. You very often do not hear of the things that go on. For everything that the media picks up on, there are many many things that go unnoticed and never come to light.

I found this out by working two years for my state's department of corrections. Being in a management position, I had knowledge of a lot of situations that were not released and were not jumped on by the media. You would be very surprised.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

LA, after i finished I realized I had not addressed your good point on deterrent from killing the kid.

You may be right that sometimes the creep would think of it. I tend to think that these creeps for the most part don't think through their actions but are driven solely by their own depravity. The same creep who would shall we say leave his DNA in a victim knowing about forensics is drven by his lust rather than thought.

If we grant the creep the ability to think things through then perhaps some will not commit the rape if they know they will have to kill the kid.

I don't know. My position is not arguably strong here I admit, but I think it the right thing to do.

Glad to hear there is some retribution happening now, though.

Ok, back to agreeing with you 95% of the time ;)

kev said...

As long as the death penalty is applied as inconsistently as it is, it will not be a major deterrent. And when a death penalty is applied, it's not unusual for it to be overturned in the twenty or so years it takes for it to be carried out, because of the anti-death penalty advocates who offer their services free, even though the convict is guilty beyond a reasnable doubt or even beyond a shadow of a doubt. They don't care about this, their only agenda is to remove the death penalty. In this age of dna testing and advanced forensics, this country should decide once and for all if we should have a death penalty. Then there should be a uniform code covering the types of crimes and cases in which the death penalty will be applied, including the type and degree of supporting evidence that will be required to sustain a death penalty case. Many factors could come into play, including criminal history, mental history, age, mitigating factors, whether the act was premeditated, whether there were eyewitnesses, etc. Once a person is sentenced to death under this code, there should be a time limit set regarding appeal time.