Monday, June 19, 2006

Newsweek Reverses Course In Duke Rape Case

The now famous Duke rape case prosecutor has committed himself to the black community, by trying to undo the injustices that were done towards blacks for years. At least that's what the Black Panther Militia would have us believe. That's the whole rationale behind their blind support of the accuser and why they will accept nothing less than a conviction. Others that want us to believe that they are sticking up for oppressed blacks on a daily basis (like Jesse Jackson and his peers) believe it too, despite the fact, they do not use the same exact inflammatory rhetoric of the militia. Radical feminists have used it to promote their agenda, as well. But in reality, Mike Nifong, the DA in this case, has willingly allowed himself to be sucked in by it all and the evidence is the case, itself.

Even liberal leaning publications like Newsweek have now began to question the validity of this case, as many in the blogosphere have done since the case garnered national attention, back in April. In its June 29, 2006 issue, there is an article entitled,
Doubts About Duke. In this lengthy and fairly thorough synopsis of the case, it examines the entire case front to back and draws the same conclusions that the crack staff here at PYY was inclined to draw, shortly after the case broke into the national media. (See: this and this) Subtle as it was, the article even implicates Newsweek, itself, in the mad dash to jump on this story.

From the Newsweek article:

The media coverage of the case has been enormous. NEWSWEEK put the mug shots of two of the players Reade Seligmann, 20, and Collin Finnerty, 19—on its cover the week after they were indicted. Some early accounts raised doubts about the guilt of the players, but the story more typically played as a morality tale of pampered jocks gone wild. Lately, as more evidence from police or medical reports have been filed or cited in court documents by defense lawyers, the national and local media have been raising questions about Nifong's conduct of the case and his motivations.

Just what are those motivations, you may ask?

Nifong is described by some lawyers as an adversary who gets dug in—and won't budge. But Nifong's motives may have been political as well. He was six weeks away from an election when the Duke case came up. Durham voters are almost evenly divided between black and white. One of Nifong's opponents was black and the other was white, but the white lawyer was much better known in the community, thanks to winning a high-profile murder case. (That opponent, former assistant D.A. Freda Black, became a bitter enemy of Nifong's after, she claims, Nifong fired her.) Nifong promised black voters that he would not let the Duke case drop. He indicted two of the players two weeks before the election. He won narrowly, taking a larger share of the black vote than the other white candidate.

Unless new evidence is found that reverses the vast majority of the present evidence, it is the opinion of this writer that the above snippet of this article is, in fact, the crux of this whole matter: Politics.

As the case has been unfolding in the media, it appears that three men, a university (to include an entire team of one sport), and black Americans everywhere have all been wronged by this one selfish stunt. The MSM jumped on it, the radical fringes previously mentioned jumped on it, and Mike Nifong (a candidate for re-election) jumped on it. This they did, long before all of the facts were known.

The three men that stand accused are being held in a state of limbo (while DA Nifong digs in and refuses to move, until well after the November election) and are facing serious charges that could severely impact their lives for a long time. There's no denying it. The university has lost an entire athletic program, with the coach being villified as a negligent enabler of Animal House antics by his players. When this is settled (by the charges being dropped or by acquittal if this case goes to trial), they will all likely recover, over the course of time.

But it is the American black community that will likely see the most damage, in that, future cases (that may actually have merit) could very well be minimized and disregarded, due to the prosecutorial misconduct by DA Nifong. A shadow of doubt can (and will likely) be cast on these future cases, all because a DA seeking re-election wanted to garner the majority of the black vote in his county. (See: The Boy Who Cried Wolf) Maybe victims will be hesitant to come forward, afraid that their story will not be believed, maybe the DAs themselves will be hesitant to go forward with some cases, because the fallout of another false accusation could be detrimental to their political careers. But no matter how it plays out in these future events, there will be some effects.

Anytime a politician or elected official chooses to play a race card or grandstands to win the support of any racial demographic, he/she bastardizes all legitimate instances of discrimination or any other form of racial bigotry that has occurred or will occur. And, when the media plays into their hands to generate a story, they must assume the risk having egg on their face, like Newsweek now has. But give them credit, they have stepped up to plate and accepted their share of the responsibility for their part in this, even though it is a subtle admission.

Be that as it may, the only one that has the ability to right this particular wrong, is Mike Nifong. But given his conduct up to this point, it's highly unlikely that he will reverse course, until well after the election. And it's a shame that the people of Durham County, North Carolina cannot see what his true motives are and vote him out, in November.

Hat Tip for the Newsweek article: RCP


Betty Friedan said...

Okay before I thought Mike Nifong was an idiot because he spoke before knowing all the facts, but now I’ve come to realize that Nifong doesn’t care about facts, at least facts that conflicts with his, which is everything from the DNA to the rape exam.

Because misandry feminist have been reacted so irrationally about this false rape claim, I recently tried to inject levity into my comments (i.e. see below), but there’s nothing funny about a DA acting with such negligence and gross contempt for justice. Nifong must be a misandry feminist too.

“I love cherry pie, but I don't like cherry picking. Some people are trying to claim that the defense attorneys are cherry picking, but more rational people claim Nifong is the champion cherry picker.

But much of the information Mike Nifong leaked wasn't so much cherry picked as it was artificially created. (i.e. date rape drug, his reasoning of no DNA match, etc...).

Maybe Nifong is just clumsy and trying to make a pie, which would explain why he has egg on his face.”

G_in_AL said...

He wont have to right his wrong... the jury that finds them innocent, and oh btw, thanks state tax dollars down the pipe will put Mr. Nifong back working at Radio Shack in a year.

LASunsett said...


You sound very irritated at Mike Nifong.


I was thinking more like managing a Dairy Queen.

Betty Friedan said...


(not knowing if you are male of female I'm going to use this as an example)

Imagine you being accused of sexual abuse of a child and your name and photo was reported nationwide on TV, cable news, magazines, blogs and newspapers.

Then imagine that the base of the claim is based only on the evidence that Mike Nifong used to convict the Duke boys.

Their lives are in ruin, they're out on $400,000 bail and not only do they have to pay interest on these loans, they're going to be in dept in the hundreds of thousands because of the malicious prosecution of a politically motivated district attorney.

I am more than irritated. I'm scared! These could have been my boys, except they play soccer and baseball and are only 15, 12, 8, and 4 yrs old.

Mike Nifong is suppose to be focused only on the evidence, whether it shows a rape or she lied about it, he should rely on the evidence. He shouldn't be promoting his theory of what he hoped as happened so he can appear the hero.

Nifong wanted to be the shining knight in white armor charging to the rescue to secure a public office job, but he reveals himself to be a court gesture doing a song and dance trying not to lose his head.

LASunsett said...


I am with you on this. I feel like this is a case of severe prosecutorial misconduct, for sure. I am also sure that when the evidence (or lack thereof) comes out, there will be a case for him to be charged, sued, and maybe even disbarred.

Always On Watch said...

The accused in this case will forever be tainted by the accusation. Exoneration won't take away all of the blot. I know of at least one person who was falsely accused of rape--recently in a high-profile local case; he now cannot get a job despite having been completely exonerated in court. The MSM drilled over and over again about the accusation but barely mentioned the fellow's exoneration.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you "Always on watch". These boys lives are forever destroyed and Nifong and the Durham Court system is to blame and should pay these boys in the multibilions for what they've been put through.

Anonymous said...

Sport Illustrated seems to agree with Newsweek

kev said...

If the DA has a case, why is he delaying the trial? What additional "evidence" can he possibly be waiting for? Are the DNA results going to change? Is the accuser's past going to disappear? Will her credibility improve? Or will her "sort-of witness" be persuaded to change her story? A right to a speedy trial is a basic right. This case, and the stubborn pursuit of it, stinks like a dead fish. This DA's only hope for a "successful" verdict is to bring in "judge" lance ito and the simpson jury. They'll buy anything. Nifong is not only and idiot (as ms. friedan aptly put it), but his acts are criminal and transparently politically motivated.