Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Prosecution Handed Major Blow In Duke Lacrosse Rape Case

If any MSM members would just happen on this site, I would say to them, this is why you never jump the gun and should be very cautious in how you present information, as you know it, at the time.

The oversaturation of this story before DNA evidence had been made public, was just one more indication that dirty laundry and public opinion manipulation has become a normal everyday media objective. And yes, I believe it was racial.

The targets were rich white kids that probably came from privileged families, playing a sport that very few people care about. A black stripper claims she was raped by some of them and automatically the leftist dominated media, have these horrible heathens tried and convicted. Because of injustices that go back well over a century ago, the noble and gallant knights of the biased press must somehow draw attention to it by the further inflammation of an already existing sore.

Now before you go ballistic on me, Mr./Ms. MSM Person (who just happened on my site), I fully understand that this may not be the only evidence; and by not being privy to it, I know that I cannot assume that they are 100% innocent. And if they are guilty, I want them prosecuted and punished, period. Privilege or no privilege, I show no favoritism, as those that read me regularly can attest. But, that isn't the real point here, and I think you know it.

Bloodthirsty and hungry for dirt are two descriptions I would assign to you, because you have shanghaied and compromised what little journalistic integrity, you may have ever had. So much so that you have jumped on any class or race warfare issue, without investigating, without waiting for results of key evidence, such as DNA; and have done it before you formulate your biased slants and begin your subtle manipulation process, on the American people.

I guess there's nothing like a Tuwanna Brawley style case when the news is slow, after you have beat other negative stories to death. I guess you might as well cause more racial tensions, than there already are; I know it must a living hell to be bored with such an "important" job as yours. Keep feeding the fire and the frenzy, and when it backfires on you, at least have the guts to accept the responsibility. You can even confess here, if you wish. I won't tell anyone.


Mustang said...

As with the Chandra Levy and Beth Holloway cases, the MSM picks and chooses what it wants to report on as the "crime of the century." Forget that there are dozens of young women from other racial backgrounds who are kidnapped and assaulted almost every day, but because they aren't attractive, or because they happen to belong to another race other than "white," these instances are ignored.

Bias in the media? Nahhhh.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

How the media hates rich white guys, and sometimes you don't even have to be both.

Anonymous said...

How conveniently you forget that the feminist marches that started the mass media coverage were intended to get that mass media coverage.

LASunsett said...

Mustang: Bias in the media? Nahhhh.

Nahhhhhh. What was I thinking?



Rich white guys are the root of all evil in the world, you know that.


Are you saying that the radical feminists made the MSM run off with this case? Are you saying they had no other choice but to try and convict these guys in the media, before all of the evidence was analyzed?

VARepublicMan said...
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VARepublicMan said...

We must all remember that the purpose of news organizations is to "exist." To exist, they must meet the payroll and pay the bills. Thus the definition of "news" is those stories that pay the bills. Not necessarily a bad thing but it is the truth.

What the MSM hasn't yet figured out is the stories that paid the bills in the past may not pay them for much longer. You can't simply spew the liberal drivel of the 60's and 70's any more and get away with it. Re: the story posted on Witnit that mentioned that global warming had stopped. Got very little coverage but seemed somewhat important (even a cause for celebration), at least to me.


The purpose of protest is to gain attention. How does that apply to the question at hand, which is the inaccurate, biased reporting by the MSM entirely slanted towards sensational liberal stories?

LASunsett said...

VAR:What the MSM hasn't yet figured out is the stories that paid the bills in the past may not pay them for much longer.

Fox News is beating both CNN and MSNBC combined, in several time slots. Why those two just don't go ahead and merge, is beyond me. I think that proves your statement, quite well, sir.

LASunsett said...

And I might also add that Fox has oversaturated this story, as well. They get no pass on this one.