Wednesday, April 12, 2006

United 93

United 93, the movie, is set to be released and is currently being promoted.

I do not plan to see it. I do not want to see it. I understand what happened and do not need to see it, to have any better perspective than I already have. Sorry, I just don't.

I mean let's think about this a second. If you had a wound that was scabbed, would you keep picking at it? If you did, it would never heal. The wound would be openly fresh and would be susceptible to infection, daily. Infection would cause a host of problems, inflammation, swelling, and sometimes a deeper pain and suffering than the actual wound, itself.

So pardon me if I do not get all thrilled and excited about this movie, because I can't. I cannot keep repeating the pain and the sorrow I have already experienced, if I want to have any chance at keeping a reasonably decent outlook on life, as a whole.

You see, I do not have a short memory on things like this. I may forget dates, times, and other things that have little meaning beyond that given moment. But make no mistake, I do not forget sound events that bring about intense emotions and shape a whole generation's thinking. The world changed, on that day. And I challenge anyone to try and tell me, otherwise.

I think it's too soon. The scab hasn't healed yet. Once it does, there will always be a scar and maybe the pain will be lessened enough to see something like this. Until then, I will not. You can, if you wish. It is your right. But, I have things to get done in the here and now, as well as in the future. If you need the reminder, by all means go see it. I want you to see it. You need to see it.

But, I will be willing to bet there are a lot of people like me, that won't.


Always On Watch said...

I will see the film, though maybe not at the theater. I've been to Shanksville and do not have the words to describe the patriotic pride I experienced there.

I understand what you're saying here, LA. But I can commemorate American patriots without rubbing salt into the wounds.

Lighter topic here. The world is filled with weird stuff!

ms. miami said...

lasunsett- i don't plan on seeing this either. it's also enough for me just to have a vague idea of what those people went through without seeing it re-enacted in detail.

i think that everyone deals with grief and tragedy in different ways, so for some, this may be a productive step in that process.

i did see a promo for this movie as i was awaiting a different movie last week (that 3-4 minutes was rather difficult to watch in and of itself). it was made clear that the filmmaker sought out and received approval from each family who suffered a loss in that flight.

LASunsett said...

AOW and Ms Miami,

To each his own, it's up to the individual as to whether they can bear to watch it, or not. I cannot fault anyone if they want to see it, but as for me, I think it it much too soon.

Now someday, when my grandson is old enough to understand it, I may rent the movie and watch it with him, so I can explain it and answer questions. But I have a long time before that will be the case, as he will only be two, in July.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

LA, late response here but I was out when you wrote it. One of the few times I "disagree" with you. I will be seeing the movie. While I do not need to see it, I think America needs to see it. They have forgotten 9-11. I think America has stronger feelings about Pearl Harbor than they do about 9-11 and these incidents are 60 years apart. If anything, I want to see it so I can verify it is worth telling some weak-kneed pansy to go see it and remember what this is all about.