Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Regeneration Of Maoism

From the IHT comes this article about the rise of Maoism in India and its neighbor, Nepal. Nepal has had trouble with these rebels for some time now, but it now seems that it has spilled over into India.

Maoism, as an alternative to freedom and free markets, is despotic and economically damaging to a growing and vibrant economy, such as the one we see in India, today. Yet, there are still people that reverence a man that created a wasteland socialist agrarian economy that did not meet the needs of the largest nation of the world. But before he laid to waste the Chinese nation, he killed many innocent people.

If it worked so well in China why is it now a dead entity? Having seen and known that, why do they now expect it to be a viable alternative to the number two largest nation's market economy?

Islamic jihadists are in Kashmir and now Maoist rebels are along the Nepalese border. India seriously needs to face the music here. They are going to soon be faced with some serious difficulties at home and they will be forced to make some real hard choices, real soon, especially if this keeps up.

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