Monday, April 10, 2006

More Threats From Chavez

This time, he is threatening to expel the U.S. Ambassador from Venezuela.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said the U.S. ambassador was "provoking the Venezuelan people" and threatened Sunday to expel the American diplomat, whose convoy was chased by pro-government protesters.

Provoking the Venezuelan people?

I took the liberty of looking up the word, provoke. Here is what I found:


TRANSITIVE VERB: pro·voked ,
pro·vok·ing , pro·vokes

1. To incite to anger or resentment.
2. To stir to action or feeling.
3. To give rise to; evoke: provoke laughter.
4. To bring about deliberately; induce: provoke a fight.

Brother Hugo appears to be seriously lacking in both comprehension and communication skills. The only provocations I have been reading about, in the biased MSM, are Hugo's. I can't find a single instance where an American official has issued any threats towards Venezuela, or its Marxist leader. But if you do a search, you'll find weekly threats from Chavez and those that are in bed with him.

As far as the threatened expulsion of our ambassador is concerned, it's perfectly fine by me. In fact, why stop there? Close down the Venezuelan embassy and send their ambassador packing, as well.

How's that, for provocative?


Always On Watch said...

Hugo Chavez thinks he can unite his people with his threats against the United States. Maybe he can. Whatever the outcome, this kind of nonsense is typical of Latin American dictators. Chavez, however, may be of some danger. Just look at who else he buddies up to.

A Muslim troll has been going around saying the Chavez is about to convert to Islam. Probably just nonsense, but the rumor has been floated before about Castro.

LASunsett said...

A Muslim troll has been going around saying the Chavez is about to convert to Islam.

Let him. I am not sure it will set well with a predominantly Roman Catholic country.