Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Florida National Champs

Congratulations to the Florida Gators for winning the national championship. The outcome was never in doubt.

All in all, it was preparation. Billy Donovan, having been in the final game before, was not going to be denied this one. He had these kids well-prepared and motivated. I knew just after the opening tip, I saw it in the Florida team's eyes. I knew the look of determination, I have seen it before. In contrast, were the eyes of the UCLA players. They seemed nervous and unsure.

Florida was just too quick and too strong, inside and out.

As for UCLA, I am glad they made it this far and am tickled that the program is back on track. As every team in the country says this time of year (after this game), wait until next year.


A.C. said...

LA, interesting observation about the players' eyes. It's something we all instinctively notice, but few ever report about it.

In the baseball playoffs they always focus in tight on the players so we can see their eyes. It's interesting how you can see a batter's eyes change from one pitcher to the next, or when the game is on the line.

Congrats to your Bruins, they had a great year.

Always On Watch said...

Mustang has posted again.

LASunsett said...


I love to see pregame warm-ups, just to see what the players' facial expressions are showing. In football it's harder, but it can be done.

If both teams look determined, you know it will be a good game. If one team looks determined and the other looks anxious, it's usually (Usually being the operative word here) much easier to pick the winner.

But, the most difficult of all is when both teams look anxious. At some point one or both teams will break out and get some confidence. Guessing which one that will do it first and/or best, is most difficult (at least it seems so to me).

And thanks for the congrats, they will be back (and so will Florida).


Thanks, I will check it out.