Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Thought For Today

I forget where I heard this, it was in passing on one of the radio talk shows. It was a pointed comment that does not need to be quoted exactly, paraphrasing will do just fine.

In the comparison of the Soviet threat to the Islamofascist threat of today, there are some similarities, to be sure. But there is one area that makes this threat from radical jihadists far more dangerous than the USSR and its faulty ideology.

The Soviets were atheists. They had no hope of an after life, this was the only shot they got. Therefore, they were far less likely to start the big one, because they knew their existences would be cut short, as well. In contrast, the jihadists have a warped belief that there is an after life for them if they take out some infidels, so they are not likely to care if they start the big one. Now that Iran has enriched uranium, this needs to be a concern.

Think about this.


Always On Watch said...

Excellent point, LA! The Communists wanted to stay alive for this life, but the jihadimaniacs are focused on the next life. The surest way to Paradise, according to Islam, is to die as a jihadists killing infidels. When I first started blogging, I made a similar point, but my article wasn't too good because I was a newbie at blogging.

Today, we face an enemy unlike any in modern times. Dealing with the Islamist martyr complex is nearly so difficult as to be impossible. We saw evidence of this mindset it Moussaoui's recent testimony.

A.C. said...

I got the same vibe tonight from somewhere else. Iran's latest rhetoric reminds me of some ringer goading a guy into a fight, knowing he's got a pair of brass knuckles. There's just something a little too arrogant about it.