Monday, April 24, 2006

Is It Time For A Third Party?

Often when I talk to independents about the state of the Democratic and Republican parties, there seems to be a lot of apathy. The Dems are talking like a bunch of Fabian socialists and running an open grand jury with the primary goal of indicting the President on something, anything. The Republicans are acting like Democrats spending like a bunch of drunken sailors, playing "footsy" with China, and ignoring the calls for greater border security.

In the 1990 midterms, there was such a feeling of apathy and the calls went out to upset the apple cart, by voting out the incumbents, whoever they were and regardless of party affiliation. It didn't happen.

It would be easy to make that call today, except the alternative is now a bunch of leftist complainers that have already set their sights on winning back Congress, for the sole purpose of initiating impeachment proceedings against President Bush. The only purpose this would serve would be to further weaken the office.

No, I am at the point where I would love nothing more than to send a message to Washington by sending the GOP packing, for at least awhile. I would love nothing more than to teach them who voted for them and who they work for, but with the Deaniacs, the Moore-mans, and the Hilliary-ites running the opposition these days, what's an independent to do?

Is the answer a third party?

Well, it's been tried before. We only need to go back a few years to the failed campaigns of Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan to see that third parties do not fare very well, especially in national politics. (I realize these two weren't the cream of the crop, but they failed nonetheless.) Then, when we get to this point of the conversation, the independents I speak with, never fail to mention Jesse Ventura shocking the world with his election, as Minnesota governor.

Now, I must admit, I was tickled that he won despite the fact that I do not live in Minnesota. Ask Minnesotans and most of them will tell of the miserable failures of the one-term (he did not seek a second) Ventura. And on the surface, it looks as though they are right. Nothing got done and everyone blamed Jesse.

Easy target, right?

But, one must consider that the one thing the Dems and the GOP had in common was their distaste for the fact that a former pro wrestler could come in, talk straight from the hip to the people, without insulting the people's intelligence, and persuade them to give him a chance. Getting elected was easy and the apathy felt by Minnesotans played a big part in his election, that's for sure.

But there came a point, when he had to govern. And with enemies on both sides of the aisle, he had no allies in the legislature. Therefore he had little chance of implementing much of anything. That is the fear, I have, if there were to be a president elected from a third party. Who would be his/her allies? Would they gang up on him and subvert every move he would attempt to make? Would they totally waste a four-year term fighting with each other?

Now, if you look at it sensibly, you will see that the potential of getting elected as a third party candidate is very, very remote. But, being able to govern after being elected would be nearly impossible.

But I can still dream, can't I?


JP said...

It's not just "Deaniacs, the Moore-mans, and the Hilliary-ites" running the Democratic party. Especially if moderates push for candidates like Warner and Clark. Eventually the far left will spin off and carry about 10% of the vote, which it now shares with Green and others. Then we'll have 2 legitimate choices.

LASunsett said...


Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

You might be right, but the far left is the most vocal and their message gets the attention of the press far more often than the moderates. I would even say the Clark has allowed hinself to be pulled further left than he would have otherwise. I am just not sure that there are enough moderates left, to make that stand. Bayh is one that definitely gets overshadowed, along with Warner and Lieberman.

But nevertheless, you make some good points. Thanks again.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

Maybe it is time for a tea party.

LASunsett said...

Maybe it is time for a tea party.

Set it up.


Anonymous said...

Darjeeling or Earl Grey?