Wednesday, April 26, 2006

When French And American Culture Jibe

Ms. Miami, a frequent commenter on this blog was a guest writer earlier today, on Super Frenchie. She has always been gracious and eloquent in her disagreements here, and has always been a welcome addition to the discussions.

I would like to ask you to take a moment and read her piece entitled, Le Starbucks. It isn't long, it isn't confrontational, it isn't about politics. It is, however, about culture and perception and is very much, worth the read. (I would have linked to it earlier but I have been very busy, and didn't get to read her post, until now.)

Check it out, when you get a chance, will you?.


gandalf said...

Aaah, this rings true, when I was visiting Prague, the most beutiful city in the world(I think), what was in the middle of Wesleslas Square....a whacking great big M for gussed it, McDonalds,

amidst all the history, cafe's with excellent food, age old hostelries(pubs)they stick a Mcdonalds, it looked so stupid and completely out of place and also completely empty, why pay 150Kr
for a big mack when for the same price you can have stroganoff cooked with red wine?

ms. miami said...

lasunsett- thanks for the compliment and plug!!!

LASunsett said...


You have sucessfully made me hungry. I love stroganoff.

There is a town in Indiana on the picturesque Ohio River that does not allow any chain restaurants, in the old town portion. All eateries are locally owned and have their own personalities. All chains must be located on or near the highway.

LASunsett said...

Ms Miami,

You are so very welcome.

gandalf said...

Hi LA, if you do three things in your life try to make one of them a visit to prague, do it soon, the west is invading it already, see it before it has gone.

LASunsett said...

Hi Gandalf,

I would love nothing more to see Prague. In fact, I would love to see Europe again, both revisiting places I have been before and new places there, as well.

But alas, when your life is as chaotic and busy as mine is, you don't get many opportunities to travel. I was just tickled to get to go to Atlanta and Oregon last year, for some R&R. But I will keep that in mind should I ever hit the lottery and retire early. ;)

PS-If I do hit the lottery, retire, and embark on a world tour, look out. I will be hitting England, first.