Monday, April 10, 2006

Israel Declares War On The Palestinian Authority?

Well, that's what Hamas is claiming and that is what Reuters is reporting. And we all know that claims from terrorist organizations are usually unfounded and often totally fabricated.

Israel suspended formal security ties to the Palestinian government on Monday in what Hamas said amounted to "a declaration of war".

European Union foreign ministers added to U.S. and Israeli pressure on the Islamic militant group by approving a temporary halt in direct EU aid to the new government.

Let's break this down shall we? If you already understand this, please forgive me.

If a neighbor and I have a falling out and I tell him/her that I want nothing more to with him/her, that is not the same as threatening a feud. If I say do not call me, do not speak to me, and/or do not come over on my property; it is not the same as saying I am going to kick his/her ass. Spin it however you want, it just isn't.

In the West Bank city of Ramallah, Abbas said Israel's position "completely violates the agreements we have signed with them and violates international law".

Just what constitutes international law, anyway? I mean, who really cares? The murderous thugs committing the horrible atrocities in Darfur are breaking international law, right? Where is the international law enforcement, at an international donut shop?

This is just another desperate, baseless claim by another desperate, baseless organization. And I for one, couldn't care any less about what they think. If my neighbor were to call the police and tell them that I told them I didn't like him/her anymore and wanted nothing more to do with him/her, how far do you think it would go? Not far.

I have every right to associate myself with whoever I choose, and so does Israel. Add to that the rights of the EU, US, and Israel to cut off aid to an organization that calls for the destruction of Israel in its charter, that too is well within their rights.

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