Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Inconsistent Politics

Here is a link to an essay by John Yewell, who I have never heard of before reading this. Apparently, he writes for a small California newspaper in Hollister, which is near the Bay area. (HT: RCP)

This piece is entitled, "The French word for entrepreneur". And it examines the inconsistency of the post-modernist American left, by pointing out their hypocritical stances on two issues that are more closely related than a lot of people may think. Immigration and the French opposition to the CPE may not sound like they have a lot in common, but when you consider where the American left stands on both these issues, you get the sense that they rarely measure their ideas, thoughts, and statements for consistency and principle.

Mr. Yewell accurately points out:

While American liberals cheered on the French defense of their impenetrable labor and welfare system, the people being hurt in France were the same people, immigrants, whose labor rights liberals in this country were fighting for against anti-immigrant groups like the Minutemen.

Here, they are for massive immigration. Come one, come all. They have no trouble with taxing taxpayers for more aid for illegal immigrants that pay no taxes. But they are against it, when the people of France move against laws that would have benefitted a large disaffected Arab immigrant population. Do you see the inconsistency?

But before those on the right get a smile and gloat, remember the same can be asked of you. Do you support taking away benefits away from illegals and want tougher immigration laws? If so, did you criticize the French for demonstrating against the new law that would have created more opportunities for immigrants, in their country? Or did you celebrate with them, when they successfully caused Chirac to backtrack?

How you answer those questions, indicates whether or not you are guided by principle, or by politics. Think about it.

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