Saturday, April 22, 2006

Blog Roundup

Here is a brief roundup of some things I have been reading, in between spouse generated projects, today.

Low Graduation Rates

Mustang of Social Sense, a former educator, has weighed in on some issues that plague the U.S. educational system today. It is spot on and so are the comments, so be sure to read them too.

"Gulag" leaker fired by CIA

CIA leaker underlines point made before

AC at Fore Left and AICS of the Logic Lifeline have the CIA Officer's firing well covered. It seems we now live in an age where even the very agencies that are in place for the purpose of protecting this nation, have become more loyal to their political party than to the country, itself. Read both of these, to get a clearer picture of how this situation has evolved and why.

CAIR And Litigation

AOW of Always On Watch has a post on CAIR and the disposition of some recent lawsuits filed by the group. AOW has read more on Islam, by accident, than I could ever try to. She stays on this and has to be a thorn in the sides of this group and others like them, so give this a read.

Project Hero

I must declare openly to all of my readers that I am a dying cockroach and am not worthy of anything else, because I have been remiss in not giving one single plug to the
Q and O Blog, for their Project Hero series that they have been putting up for some time now.

These guys put out a good product and this is but one reason that it is so good. So, I would highly recommend checking them out, if you haven't already. They churn out a lot of information, daily. (I don't always agree with their stances, but do most of the time.)

How Great Powers Become Great

Here is a piece by someone that I agree with even less than the guys at QOB, Pat Buchanan (courtesy of
RCP). I agree that he's divisive at times. But sometimes he gets it right and he pretty much does in this essay, about China. Read it and compare the waning days of the mercantile age, with this current one.

Countering the Hype

VARepublicman at the
Flaming Duck is back and has some thoughts on rabid enviromentalists. Plus, his son just graduated from Marine Basic Training and now is worthy of the title, United States Marine, for the rest of his life. Check his site out and the link he provides.


Shah Alexander said...

"How Great Powers Become Great" is very interesting. Frankly speaking, I thought Patrick Buchanan an isolationist jingoist. But this article is worth reading.

Yes, as he says, China is growing to be a Kaiser's Germany in this century. To my regret, the US needs some compromise with China to deal with North Korea. Also, South Korea is getting pro-China and anti-America.

Something must be done to stop Chinese expansionism.

LASunsett said...

Hello Shah,

Pat Buchanan has eased off of his protectionist views a little, in recent years. He has historically been supported by some unsavory groups within the U.S.. But when a person is right on a particular topic, I like to say they are right.

The thing that surprises me so much is the anti-American attitudes that are now beginning to surface more and more, in South Korea. Thankfully, this has not happened to this extent, in Japan.

Always On Watch said...

AOW has read more on Islam, by accident, than I could ever try to.

Ever since 9/11. I'm driving my family crazy, I think.

She stays on this

Like a dog worrying a bone. LOL.

Thanks for including me in your round-up, LA.

Always On Watch said...

I just read the Buchanan article.

China is also investing in warships, submarines, modern fighter-bombers and space technology. As there is only one great air and sea power out there, there is no doubt at whom this buildup is directed.

Not so many years ago, China's official position was that of not raising an army. It was all a front, of course. What they have now didn't spring up overnight.

Diplomatically, Beijing is drawing to her side all the nations that are on the outs with George Bush's America -- from Russia to Burma to Iran to Sudan to Venezuela to the new nations of Central Asia.

China today calls to mind the Kaiser's Germany.

I didn't know about all those ties being forged. Sound the alarm! China is on the move. China's economy is booming, as we all know. The addition of diplomatic ties to nations with interests opposing those of the United States makes the scenario even more frightening.

Shah: South Korea is getting pro-China and anti-America.

I've noticed this, and it stunned me. Until recently, SK was decidedly the opposite.