Tuesday, April 11, 2006

News Briefs (And Some Thoughts That Go With Them)

Italy's Berlusconi Ousted

Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi has apparently been voted out in that country's election, but up until this writing,
he has not conceded. Apparently Mr. Berlusconi has used the U.S. model of how to handle the short end of a close election. a la Albert Gore Jr., in 2000.

There was some talk about the possibility of a grand coalition similar to the one hammered out in Germany, after their recent close election. But the apparent winner
Romano Prodi isn't having any of it, at least not yet.

Here is the thing to note in all of this, the U.S., Germany, and now Italy are all very polarized and equally divided nations right now. The left will spin it as some kind of mandate, but it's not. It's not any more of a mandate than was George Bush's victory. The pendulum has just leaned a bit to the left, just as it leaned a bit to the right in Germany.

Chirac Caves On CPE, Students Continue Protest

Despite the fact that Chirac has totally caved in and left his hand-picked PM out to dry on this new jobs law, the students just keep protesting. Okay, I give up. What the hell do they want now, after they have met their initial objective?

Here's what the AP says:

Students and unions staged new protests Tuesday across France, hoping to ride the momentum that led President Jacques Chirac to scrap a youth labor law and force the government to pull other contested reforms.

What do I say?

Mob Rule 101 teaches that once you have equality, justice, or reached whatever goal your demonstration set out for, you don't stop there. You then seek empowerment to impose your will and your agenda, on those that relented to your earlier demands. Damn the government, damn the rule of law, just keep the momentum up until you run roughshod over the democratic institutions that are supposed to be empowered to rule.

Iran Claims New Membership In The Nuclear Family

Well leftist members of the world community, what do you propose to be done now? You register the complaints, you make the accusations, what's your solution now? Sit on it? Study it? Have a committee look into it? Hold a symposium? Blame Bush, Jews, and America's foreign policy?

Comments are open and you are welcome to leave one.

Another 911 Call Not Believed By Operators In Detroit Surfaces

Apparently the 6 year old boy whose mom died recently after a 911 operator refused to believe him, is not the only one that was not believed by Detroit's 911 center. Now a tape of another call has surfaced and released by Geoffrey Fieger, the attorney for the boy's family.

In a series of calls in January 2005, a 911 operator questioned the sanity of a Detroit woman who reported she had been shot in the head. An emergency crew didn't arrive until after the woman called her son and got him to call for help, attorney Geoffrey Fieger said.

I know these are but two instances, but if these instances were your family, you'd be a little upset. I know I would be livid. But that is not the thing that outrages me. The lady that took the call from the little boy will be disciplined but cannot be fired, because of her tenure in the union.

Now, do you see why I hate unions? They have become nothing more than lobbyists for inefficiency.


All_I_Can_Stands said...

The 911 operator should not have sole discretion on whether or not to send help. I realize jokes occur and are very costly to respond to, but there needs to be a better method of making the decision.

LASunsett said...


I wholeheartedly agree.