Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Today's Talk Of Washington: McClellan To Leave Post As White House Press Secretary

The AP is covering the story.

Already, the prognosticators are going wild trying to figure out whether or not this was his decision, or was a result of a shake-up related to the new Chief of Staff's free hand. Within just a few minutes of the announcement, came someone (whose name I forget) who said that he "thought" that he looked like the decsion was not his.

Frankly, I am surprised that anyone would want that job, given the way the WHPS gets treated on a daily basis by the arrogant (without a cause) WH Press Corps. If I had to listen to David Gregory's pompous voice, each and every day, I would have told him commit a sex act with himself, long before now. And not just Gregory, but the whole lot stinks and stinks badly. No one here can hold a candle to those that preceded them. Bill Plante and Sam Donaldson, they are not.

Not only that, what policy does the WHPS make? Very little. If they were looking for a change for a shot in the arm's sake, you would think that other position holders (those that actually make policy) would be more likely to be up for the axe.

But, no matter what the case, I am sure Mr. McClellan will land on his feet. I wish nothing but good luck to him and his family.


Mustang said...

I think Ann Coulter should replace him.

LASunsett said...

Man, Mustang.

You really must have an axe to grind with the WH Press Corps. Do have any idea what shredded and bruised egos they would all have? She would eat them alive, spit them out, and take them to the kennel to be devoured by dogs.

I think she would be a fine choice too.