Sunday, June 04, 2006

Iraq Prime Minister Maliki's Blunder And The Intervention It Requires

This week, Iraqi PM Mouri Maliki made a highly erroneous assertion that multi-national troops are committing daily atrocities against the citizenry, in Iraq.

RCP comes this essay found in today's Chicago Sun-Times.

You would think the prime minister of Iraq, now that one is actually in place to assert leadership, would do so. As difficult as it may be for him to keep the different factions in his coalition from each other's throats -- the incessant squabbling has kept him from filling the two top security posts in his cabinet -- you would think he would resist the temptation to play up to anti-American hostilities in his shaky government on the part of the Sunnis and some others.

I will take this a step further.

Just as I asserted in my previous post that exposes a congressional candidate's true colors (through a highly irresponsible statement to an already highly irresponsible media), we have another statement that may very well show the true heart and intentions of the current Iraqi PM. It may very well be that his sympathies lie with the terrorists that constantly are looking for ways, to de-stabilize the young democratically-elected government, or maybe he is just not well-adept at leadership-like statements to an overly critical and biased news media.

To make such an irresponsible statement and risk all that has been accomplished (as slow and tedious as it has been), clearly demonstrates to me, an anti-American attitude, which can be an indicator of how he will run the Iraqi government. It also shows to me, just what this guy is made of and what his inner core values are.

If I had any say in the U.S. State Department, the official American position on this would be, "knock it off and knock it off now". "Free speech is one thing, but stick to the points that are proven/true and leave the conjecture to the investigators."

I would also remind him that he is not ready to assume security of the young republic at this particular point in time, and that I would not hesitate to start an early withdrawal, leaving him to deal with the power vacuum that would most certainly be created by the abrupt absence of all multi-national forces. I would explain further to him that I would not be willing to sacrifice one more American life towards a government that puts out what is clearly, an irresponsible piece of politically charged and biased rhetoric, especially in the face of an enemy that knows all too well how to use the news media, to spread their lies and deceits.

At the same time I would let the Iraqi people know and let them pressure their government, too. Most Iraqis are fearful that a withdrawal now would mean an exorbitant increase of violence, and a return of oppression under a ruthless government, probably even worse than Saddam's. The average citizen is not as anti-American, as the MSM would have us all believe.

His unsupported claim is untrue. He needs to acknowledge that and apologize for his incompetent statements, immediately. If he doesn't, I would then put him on notice.


gandalf said...

Hi LA,

sorry to post off topic , how is Your Mother, getting better I hope

LASunsett said...

Hi Gandalf,

Mother-in-law is no pain, but her mentation is not clear. At first we thought it to be the pain medicine. Then, we though it might be the form of delirium known as, "hospital psychosis". But, I have a hunch that it may be dementia becoming more advanced after trauma.

Whatever the cause, it may prevent her from qualifying for true rehab. In which case, palliative care may end up being the preferred course of treatment, and maybe even hospice.

Thank you for asking, sir.

A.C. said...

LA, I heard somewhere that Maliki used to be aligned with groups close to Tehran during Saddam's day. Just wondering how things are going to shake out with him. After this comment, I don't have a very good feeling.

G_in_AL said...

cut the guy a break.. he's trying to get the support of local Jihadis and the current generation of American teens and college professors.

LASunsett said...


After this comment, I don't have a very good feeling.

That's why the State Dept. needs to cool his jets real fast.

LASunsett said...

he's trying to get the support of local Jihadis and the current generation of American teens and college professors.

If this thing with the Iraqi government doesn't work out, al Jazeera, CNN, or CBS may want to hire him as an analyst.

G_in_AL said...

I'm sure he's already a "community columnist" for them

Anonymous said...

The new PM should be careful saying bad stuff about the USA. They dont tolerate it and if he continues he will probably be forced to resign like the last one. Thats democracy for you.

Politics through the eyes.

LASunsett said...

Thats democracy for you.

With democracy comes great responsibility. Those that are not used to it, must learn to exercise good sense, for it to succeed.