Friday, July 21, 2006

Banished Muslim Cleric Begs To Return To Britain From Beirut

From the AFP comes this article.

EXILED Islamist preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed tried but failed to join the naval evacuation of British nationals from Lebanon's capital Beirut, it was reported today.

Bakri attempted to join evacuees boarding a Royal Navy vessel on Wednesday, but was rebuffed "at the harbour gates by sharp-eyed officials", The Sun said in a front page "exclusive".

A Ministry of Defence spokesman in London could not confirm the report, but said: "Our understanding is that's not true, and we've told The Sun that".

The Sun also reported that Syrian-born Bakri has written to the British embassy in Beirut, asking to be readmitted to Britain on "humanitarian grounds".

Bakri, who settled in Britain in 1985, was banned from reentering Britain in August last year, when then home secretary Charles Clarke ruled that his presence was "not conducive to the public good".

These guys that sit in their cushy mosques decorated with Middle Eastern art and nice Persian rugs, the ones that spew out hatred and teach how glorious it is to die for the cause of jihad, think they have it made. They tell tall tales about virgins and other forms of eternal bliss, in exchange for committing acts of violence against innocents, for Allah. And people go die for them, at their command. They snap their fingers and presto, it's as good as done.

But when they, themselves, have an opportunity to be where the action is, to commit themselves deeper to the cause (by demonstrating a proper example and fighting alongside the troops they command), they somehow end up cowering and hiding. What's particularly ironic about this case is, this guy begs to be let back into Britain, which is the very country that he bad-mouthed and preached his venomous teachings.

I say give him a rifle, a couple of magazines of ammo (ideally the ammo and weapon should match, but hey, no need to stress about it), and stick him on the border and let us see just how willing he is to get to those virgins. I would bet that the Israelis will feel like they are shooting fish in a barrel. I bet he isn't the slightest bit battle hardened. In fact, what would you bet that he turns and runs north?

The bottom line here is, the British government would be a bunch of fools to let him come back.

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