Saturday, July 08, 2006

Weekend Funnies

Some of you that read PYY will probably not think this is funny.

But, I do.

(Maybe if you have a drink or two and loosen up, the true inner self will come out and realize that this is satire and pretty damned good satire, at that.) ;)

Check this out.

(Courtesy of Les at Living in the Surreal World)


Always On Watch said...

I think it's funny. Satire has always appealed to me.

superfrenchie said...

I don't want to question what anyone finds funny or satirical.

But since my drinks will only come a little later this afternoon (allez les Bleus!), for the moment I only have doubts and suspicions.

For example, let's take a look at this picture and let me ask you these questions:

* Is it just as funny?
* Can it also be interpreted as satire?
* If not, why not?

PS: Stalin's death toll was around 20 million, pretty close to Hitler's (around 25 million).

PPS: the New York Times death toll as of today is 0. Not as much can be said of Bush's.

LASunsett said...

The difference between the two is quite evident.

The Stalin picture was Stalin. Nobody that exists today was made up to look like Stalin. On the other hand, the other picture was Bush made to look like Hitler.

Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that satire is just comedy. The Bush picture does not bother me, I doubt it bothers him. It comes with the territory.

And as a footnote, I do not see how you can accurately measure whether or not the NYT has been responsible for any deaths, due to its irresponsible reporting.

Mustang said...

Did you get those political cartoons I sent you? Much in the same vein. I thought they were humorous but thought provoking. Ah well, one man's humor is another man's something else.

LASunsett said...


Yes sir, I sure did. A couple of them I had seen before. I thought they were very funny (and sad at the same time).

gandalf said...


yep that is funny, it appeals to my rather caustic sense of humour