Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Long Story Short. Problem Solved.

Many thanks are in order for the kind words, thoughts, and prayers offered for my now resolved crisis.

The basics are as follows:

1. An off duty cop arrested my daughter yesterday on her son's (my grandson) second birthday and charged her with a Class B Felony.

2. She spent a night in a large urban jail with murderers.

3. She was innocent.

4. The prosecutor's office took one look at the case, said it was BS and threw it out. Charges were dropped immediately.

Now, I have been a huge supporter of law enforcement the biggest part of my life. There is nobody that appreciates the sacrifices they make, by putting their lives on the line, daily. But when a cop thinks he is the law instead of an enforcer of that law, this is what we all get. And what do the good cops get? A much undeserved bad reputation.

The jail has been under the gun for years for overcrowding. In fact, the county has been in federal court over the issue. So last night, she took up valuable space that was needed for criminals, at the taxpayers' expense.

So to sum it all up in a nutshell, I hope the son of a bitch gets a horrible rash.


All_I_Can_Stands said...

Not much worse than a bad cop. I think I posted about the bad experience my wife had with one. A young kid pulled right out in front of her without looking and she could not stop in time. The cop treated her like garbage the whole time.

Glad your crisis is resolved. The good part is that it did not drag on. Like a 24 hour bug it came and went leaving a path of bad feelings in its wake. Just for the record I had a 24 hour bug yesterday. I somehow made it through work, but it hit hard as the night went on.

superfrenchie said...

Tout est bien qui finit bien :)

A.C. said...

Damn scary how easy an honest law-abiding citizen can suddenly wind up sitting in the county jail.

By the way, we have the same issues with our jail here, but they are gradually fixing them. Still a stinkhole (so I've been told).

LASunsett said...


The cops where you live have long had a reputation. In my estimation, there is no excuse for a cop to hide behind his badge and be a jerk.

Hope you are feeling better.

LASunsett said...


I don't speak French, but I have a free translation site bookmarked. Here is how your comment translates out:

All east well that finishes well.

I am not sure where the breakdown was, but lucky for me a I have a an analytical mind and figured it out. ;)

Yes, it was a waste of 24 hours that could have used for other things, but it did end well.

LASunsett said...


My question is, how many others have this done to them? if the number is high, it would seem to me they could and would track this kind of thing, identify the vermin that do this kind of thing, and discipline them. That in itself would help ease the overcrowding.

Sadly though, the only thing different between the cops and the criminals is, the badge.

ms. miami said...

lasunsett- sorry to hear about this incident, but i'm happy to see that it ended well.

the bright side: your daughter will always have a fascinating story to tell.

G_in_AL said...

write your local paper... the cop wont last long around there.

LASunsett said...

Ms Miami,

Thank you. But I think she'd rather tell her boring stories and quite frankly, I'd rather here them. ;)

LASunsett said...


That's always an option. But I have a few contacts downtown and I am not sure what if anything will be done. But rest assured, I will be talking to a very powerful attorney later today. to see what options we have.

Always On Watch said...

This is awful! Get the high-powered attorney. The entire police force is denigrated by one power-hungry cop.

Is your daughter holding up okay? Such an event can be quite traumatic.

I know that you must be mad as hell, and I don't blame you.

LASunsett said...


Is your daughter holding up okay?

Actually, she is doing rather well. She is a resilient young lady. She went back to work today. Lucky enough, her boss was understanding, since she missed yesterday.

She had a cellmate that was just a young kid that got mixed up with the wrong crowd and was not an overly mean woman. She, herself, was resigned to paying for her mistake. She really encouraged my daughter while she was there.

I am not sure she wants to press forward with a complaint, she lives in the county and just doesn't want to stir the pot. exposing herself to more harassment.

I, on the other hand, do not live in the county. I live in one of the surrounding suburban counties. I wouldn't care if I did though. I would hang his ass.

I didn't hook up with the attorney today, but I work with his wife, so he won't be hard to track down. But I will eventually, at least to see what options we have. But, in all of this, there were several witnesses, but no one but me, would think to ask for their names. So since I wasn't there, we have no names. That makes it tough.

Mark said...

lasunsett - you've reminded me of some friends of friends who are chp. had a night out with them months back and left pretty shaky in my trust of the police based on some stories they told. unfortunate, but active bad apples spoil the barrel...or however that goes. happily everyone is safe in your case. i say push heavily for legal action if it's warranted.

A great site I read daily is The Agitator. Libertarian type fella, like me, but has tons of super informative and, frankly, scary stuff about militarized police and their taking advantage of individual liberties just because having the badge and the gun makes them right. Probably no relation to your recent happenings, but there it is...


LASunsett said...


Thanks for the link. I will check is out when I get a few minutes.

kev said...

"Sadly, though, the only difference between the cops and the criminals is, the badge." Maybe I'm misunderstanding this sentence, and I hope I am, but that sounds like a blanket indictment if I ever heard one. Certainly there are some bad apples on police forces and I can give you quite a few reasons why such people sometimes end up wearing a badge. There is no magic formula available for choosing who will be cops and who will be lawyers or politicians, just to use a couple examples. I certainly don't side with a cop who is rude, let alone corrupt. The rude ones should be better trained and the corrupt ones gone. And I have no idea what the facts are behind the case you're speaking of, but I'm sure if the cop was wrong, he'll suffer the consequences, as well he should. I'm not arguing that case, and if it's as you say, I sympathize with your family. But to seemingly insult the hundreds of thousands of cops in this country who do their difficult job daily, with honesty and integrity, and many times under very trying conditions, seems a bit harsh.

LASunsett said...


Maybe I'm misunderstanding this sentence, and I hope I am, but that sounds like a blanket indictment if I ever heard one.

That's a typo on my part. It should have read:

Sadly, though, SOMETIMES the only difference between the cops and the criminals is, the badge.

My fault.

But if you read my main post, you should have picked up on the fact that I do support law enforcement, the vast majority of the time. I have worked in support of law enforcement before, I certainly know that not all are bad apples.

But thanks for pointing that out, I was still agitated over this instance. And trust me when i tell you, this guy had NO case from the beginning. He is an SOB that hides behind his badge, which in my book makes him no worse than the criminals and and a coward.

kev said...

If what you say is true, I'm with you. Cops should be held to a higher standard since they have the power to deprive citizens of their Constitutional rights. This is an awesome responsibility and it must not be taken lightly. From all your writings, I had an idea you didn't mean exactly what was written. Thanks for taking the time to clear it up.

LASunsett said...


If what you say is true, I'm with you

Of course it's true, otherwise the prosecutor's office would not have dropped the charges, after reading it.

kev said...

Sorry you're reading more into my remark. It was not meant as an insinuation that you were being less than honest.