Tuesday, July 04, 2006

An Independence Day Reflection

On this Independence Day, most people think of parades, cookouts, summer activities, and yes, fireworks. That's the tradition that has evolved over the years; and like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Valentine's Day, it has become a Madison Avenue dream. No, you don't buy cards, presents, or candy like the others; but you do spend money at carnivals, festivals, outdoor concerts, and some people even make hitting the retail store sales, an annual family activity.

But I am afraid that all too many, really do not take a few minutes, when alone, and seriously reflect on what this day really means. I wonder just how many people really know just how much sacrifice it took from the men and women of the late-colonial period, to gain this freedom that all of us take for granted?

I am no killjoy and I am no stick in the mud, either. I have enjoyed some brilliant and spectacular fireworks displays, in my time. But honestly, I do not care about them as much as I used to. Why? Because fireworks and Independence Day are intertwined so deeply that, like Christmas, the deeper meaning gets lost in the celebrations, sometimes.

Be that as it may, I wish everybody a safe and happy 4th of July and I truly hope all of you have fun, in whatever your day's activities may entail. But at some point when you get a moment, pause and take a minute (or two) to reflect on what the day really means. Think about how lucky we are to be Americans, many nations are free, but I happen to think that ours, is special. And most of all, think about how freedom is not free. Someone paid a dear price for us to have this freedom.

They are all gone, now. But what they left us, endures.

Happy Independence Day!!


Always On Watch said...

Something to reflect on: The Price They Paid.

Thank God for our courageous Founders!

LASunsett said...

I read it, AOW. Thanks for posting it.