Tuesday, July 04, 2006

PYY Commentary Roundup

Time being short as it is today, I am posting some links to some some articles that will either interest you, or irritate you. Where you fall will depend upon your view of the world, how you define yourself politically and ideologically, and who you choose to believe.

Jed Babbin talks about some things to be considered, in the debate of whether or not the MSM has severely impeded the non-military weapons used to fight terrorism, in
this article.

Lawrence Kudlow thinks that oil prices will soon drop.
Read about it here.

Charles Krauthammer seems to believe that the Palestinians have an agenda that doesn't include the existence of an Israeli state. He points out that Gaza was freed by Israel, yet today,
Gaza still is waging war.

Andrei Nesterov is worried about the rising tide of what sounds like a new wave of ultra-nationalism in Russia.
You can catch his recent essay here.

Carter Dougherty writes about Europe's continued rise from an economic slump,

Shay Riley has been wondering where the black moderates are, read her essay
here to see if she has found them.

You have no doubt already read my Independence Day post, here a few from other bloggers, that I read with some regularity (when time permits):

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That ought to keep you busy for awhile.

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