Thursday, July 27, 2006

An Ineffective And Irrelevent UN: Nothing New

From the Indianapolis Star (via RCP) comes this essay by Pierre Atlas.

Dr. Atlas has always written some thought-provoking pieces and this is no exception. But the one portion I would most like to highlight is this little snippet (which is central to why the UN is an irrelevent and ineffective body):

There are many United Nations resolutions addressing the Middle East, and usually it is the Arab and Muslim world that demands their enforcement. But in this conflict, Israel is the party calling for the implementation of a U.N. resolution -- Security Council Resolution 1559, which for two years has called for Hezbollah's disarming. Much of the Arab and Muslim world, on the other hand, is conspicuously silent on 1559. Also ignored is the fact that Israel fulfilled the demands of Security Council Resolution 425 by completely withdrawing from Lebanon in 2000.

Can you see why the UN is kaput?

Right now the UN is debating about what to do about Iran, North Korea, and is now having to contend with the Israeli-Hezbollah war. They cannot agree on anything. They debate, hold seminars, meeting, conferences, symposium, and other worthless gatherings of the world's (so-called) elite. And they still cannot get anything done.

But that's not the half of it. UN Resolution 1559 was agreed upon and passed. So, what happens? It's ignored.

For the most part, the world does not respect the UN. The radical elements that threaten world peace and stability, damned sure don't. China doesn't, Russia doesn't. They obstruct, they manipulate. But they very seldom cooperate. So why should Hezbollah care about what Resolution 1559 calls for?

The funny thing in all of this is the scuttlebutt about getting a UN peacekeeping force in place in Southern Lebanon. The UN cannot even maintain a tent in Baghdad, what makes anyone think they have the will and the guts to stand in the way of Hezbollah? It is certainly way beyond me.

Let's get serious for a moment. The UN didn't have the resolve to stick the situation out in Baghdad, they cut out the moment they were attacked. So, now, UN forces are somehow going to have the stomach to stand down Hezbollah, on Hezbollah's own turf (turf they have controlled for years)? What do you think will happen, when they get hit by Hezbollah? Does anyone really believe that the presence of UN forces means a damned thing to these thugs?

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