Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another Blast From The Past

I couldn't really make up mind what I wanted to do with this week's music post. Had a million ideas, but nothing really stood out. So, I put all of the ideas up on a dartboard and came up with this week's theme:

The 90s.

There was a time when I sensed a certain re-emergent renaissance in the music world in the early part of the 90s. A lot of young, talented, and innovative artists hit the scene, at that time. The following cuts are from bands that I feel were the best of the best, from that era.

Cowboy Junkies

From Canada. The following song is one of my favorites. It's not the entire band in this tune, just the two that make up the nucleus. I think, those of you that are not familiar with their music will find them very soothing, very unique.

Matchbox Twenty

I think they are the best band to come of the 90s. They are versatile, unique, and their lyrics have messages. Here's my absolute favorite one. I love most of their music, but this one stands out most (in my view):

Edwyn Collins

Finally, here's a guy that really stood out for a short moment. This song was so unique and different from the tired old 80s carry-overs. But although he still puts out some pretty decent stuff, this one really did it, for me anyway.

Very seldom do I buy two CDs by the same "new" artist. But the Spin Doctors were a band I took exception to this unwritten principle. I cannot embed this one, but you can check it out here.


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