Friday, June 01, 2007

Defending American History 101

Ms. Miami, one of our frequent commenters here at PYY is usually low-key and rarely overly excitable. Her comments (here and there) and guest posts over at Super Frenchie usually have a soothing and non-confrontational tone to them, whether I agree with them all or not. But in her latest guest post there, it would appear that she has had enough.

Evidently, some have had the audacity to claim that Americans have little or no history, at least in comparison to Mother Europe. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

Go read what she has to say about this ridiculous myth.


ms. miami said...

las- salut mon ami!

well, i like to call it as i see it and a crock of sh*t, is well...

so far, the transatlantic gap seems to consist in a different view of what constitutes 'history.'

Anonymous said...

I always read "History 101" or "Geography 101" or whatever "101".
What is 101?
I suppose, I guess, it must be the number which is used to describe the first lessons in which ever topic that may be taught in the American universities...
But 101? Why not 1 or 10 or 111 or 1011 x 11?


LASunsett said...

Salut MsM,

//so far, the transatlantic gap seems to consist in a different view of what constitutes 'history.'//

As some in America see little else but their own little world, I suppose there are some in Europe that see things through the same set of glasses. Having American Indian in my heritage as well as European helps me realize the fallacy of such thinking (and living in Germany for two years didn't hurt either).

Good job MsM. Bravo.

LASunsett said...

Hi Flocon,

//But 101? Why not 1 or 10 or 111 or 1011 x 11?//

I do not have the slightest idea, maybe MsM can shed some light on this. Some universities do it differently, it's all according to what school we went to, I guess. But 101 has become synonymous with the fundamentals of a given subject, here.

Mary Ellen said...

I never knew that history in America, according to some, doesn't count the times of the native Indians before us. I've always felt that history starts from the beginning, and in the US, were the Indians not the beginning?...even though those who came here tried to put an end to them,that is.

Personally, I love to read about the Native American Indians. I love their history, culture, art, and everything about them. said...

hi flocon- right, the traditional american university course numbering system is 100s for first-year students (freshmen), 200s for second-year students (sophomores), 300s for third-year students (juniors) and 400s for fourth-year students (seniors).

therefore, the most introductory course for first-year students would be biology 101 or psychology 101. more nuanced courses might be biology 105 or psychology 107, etc.

master's and doctoral level, of course, move to 500, 600, and 700-levels.

for some reason (perhaps just a greater number of courses) state universities in florida prefer a slightly different system. beginning french, for example is 1120 & 1121 (2 semesters), intermediate is 2220 & 2221, etc. however, the first digit always indicates the level.