Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lawmakers Beware?

You probably have heard of the search of one Alaska's Senator's home as part of an ongoing investigation. It's been plastered everywhere. But now, it seems there are more being looked at a little closer, as well. Could this be a new trend in federal law enforcement? One can only hope.

The article cited has one name we have all heard, mainly because he was caught taking bribe money on video tape. The article also cites some others that have been mentioned in previous reports for various other things, similar in nature. But as I look at the list, I cannot help but wonder why there aren't more under scrutiny. Can any intelligent person really believe that this list is a comprehensive one?

I am sure that many have been doing this kind of thing for a long time and are good at covering their tracks. One thing I will say with a fair amount of conviction is, these people are not the only ones that have had dirty dealings. Corruption knows no party lines and in my view is rampant, in both the Senate and the House.

I certainly hope that more investigations will be opened up soon. Both Democrats and Republicans have taken the support of the American people for granted, for a long time. Both feel they can do as they please, without fear of being held accountable. But with that thought in mind, both seriously need to wake up and realize that they work for us and misbehavior/corruption will not be tolerated at any level.

When one or the other is faced with investigation or prosecution, the partisans will always point to the other party's misdeeds as some weak excuse that garners no validity. This has to stop. It's high time for the American people to hold everyone accountable and stop rewarding long time crooked politicians with reelection, when they are clearly on the take.

In short, we need a heavy-handed shake-up in Washington. And it's primarily up to the voters to make it happen. But, a little help from the feds would be nice too.

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