Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Putin And Bush Discuss Missile Shield

One topic that appears to have come up during Putin's fishing trip with his American counterpart is the Missile Defense Shield. (Details here.)

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered an expanded counterproposal to U.S. missile defense plans Monday, challenging President Bush to build a regional European missile shield that could include a sophisticated new radar facility on Russian soil.

Putin's proposal went far beyond the cooperation he first suggested in Germany last month and surprised Bush as the two leaders wrapped up two days of informal meetings at the president's family compound in this oceanfront resort town. Bush welcomed the plan, and his advisers said Putin's suggestions convinced them that he is serious about working together, not just posturing, as they initially suspected.

Criticism of Putin is nothing new here at PYY and I am sure that there will be much to criticize him for, in the future. With that said however, I also would say that Putin's counter-proposal should be looked at before reaching any final conclusions.

I haven't had time to scrutinize the proposal. But I would say that to balk without looking at it, would be foolish. If the world is to ever have a remote chance of seeing peace, the U.S. cannot be at odds over trivial things with Russia. In short, we have to pick and choose our battles wisely.

Like it or not, Russia cannot be ignored as a player on the world stage. Aside from the rhetoric that comes with the territory (international politics), I still think that Putin would rather have us as an ally, than as an adversary. Deep down, despite the differences in both governments, I still think Putin sees a greater enemy than the U.S., which is radical Islam.


Mustang said...

I could not agree with you more, LA. I understood that Russia was invited to help staff the facility, where ever it ends up, and Putin declined.

A missile shield is a good idea, and I think Russia should benefit from it as much as the West. We (Americans) should exercise some restraint over our inherent arrogance.

LASunsett said...


//We (Americans) should exercise some restraint over our inherent arrogance.//

To put it another way, sometimes we have to allow them the leeway to come to terms with it all. if we force it on them, they will dig in and become obstinate. As Zig Ziglar says, when you are selling something, you must make them think it's their own idea.

politiques USA said...

I was told that the US missile shield was more like a strategy to avoid the EU to get closer to Russia. These words were the declaration from Putin in a french newspaper (Le Figaro).

Zig Ziglar has lots of citations. I know a guy who got inspired by his work, his name is Dan Lier, he used to be a basketball player and lives in Vegas now. I happen to work for this guy on some documentaries and videos.

LASunsett said...

Hi Politiques,

//Zig Ziglar has lots of citations//

He's a hell of speaker too. It's not just what he says, it's how he says it.

BEING HAD said...

I think the meeting was a good one really. I am always cynical about anything George W does, but in this case, and especially because of the English language speech Putin made in Guatemala, I like that they both softened up a bit. Maybe a little fishing is good for the soul. Or maybe they both go the message that politically speaking, you would be hard pressed to find any human beings who would support any potential military use of nuclear weapons.

LASunsett said...


//I think the meeting was a good one really.//

It seems like it. Is it getting positive press in Belarus?