Monday, July 16, 2007

Who Says American Media Is Always Anti-French?

This post is for all of my French readers that think the American media is dead set on presenting the French people in the worst possible light. Sure, there are some that are not willing to give the French respect for what they have done over the years, many do not want to give them a lot of respect for their contribution to the founding of this nation.

But on Saturday, Bastille Day, there was a local gathering here in my fair city and here are the details as put forth by the Indy Star.

There is not a large group of French people living and working here. But there are many in this state that can trace their heritage back to France, based on the western part of the state being under French authority before the Louisiana Purchase. Both Vincennes and Lafayette Indiana are former French settlements that do not deny nor do they disrespect their French roots.

Read the article, there is not a disparaging word in it. I realize that there are some articles that are written with anti-French sentiment here in America and I also realize that not all French believe that all Americans want to see the French presented in negative terms. But at least this will help to show those that have thought Americans to be anti-French, not all are this way.


Rocket said...

"many do not want to give them a lot of respect for their contribution to the founding of this nation."

Can we please get over this 250 year historical debt crap. The French only sided with the colonists in order to get revenge on the Brits. Also they were lucky to have won against the British as the majority of the British fleet was in the channel protecting against a French invasion. Let us not forget the French and Indian war 1756.

Let's hope with Sarkozy, we can get back to the real world and stop listening to the commie,socialist crap which has polluted relations for 50 years. May I add Gaullist, Chraquien also.. We shall see.

Rocket said...

so good it had to be said three times. Kinda like New York New YOrk

sorry LA

LASunsett said...


No problem. I took two of them out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks LA.
The comments are very educational ;-)
Thanks to the internet too that allows bigots to get out of the closet.