Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

Many times, we roll the calendars way back into the past. And with good reason, because there are some songs that just simply stand the test of time and are worth the look back. But, as good as those tunes are, we would be remiss of we didn't look at some of the more recent musical masterpieces. Whether or not these songs featured will someday stand that same test remains to be seen.

This weekend we have a few that I think stand a darn good chance of being those very songs, which will eventually be played on classic rock stations everywhere, someday.

The 90s brought us a new rock and roll style that has since been named, alternative rock. I cannot say that I liked a lot of it, at the time. But as I heard the new sound more and more, there were some shining artistic moments in this genre. One band was Stone Temple Pilots.

I found them to be a very talented band that had a couple of great tunes worthy of hearing. This is one of their tunes from 2000, called Sour Girl:

If you know rock and roll, you know about the Austin sound. Many of the bands that comprise this particular style contain a mixture of blues, country, and even some rockabilly. But the next band is one that is considered somewhat of an anomaly for that area. They have made an indelible mark in this decade. They are a band called Fastball and one of their songs is a little tune titled, Out Of My Head:

We cannot have any kind of celebration of recent rock music, without some representation from Britain. The next song is by an English group that has made a name for themselves in the modern rock world and believe me, they get a lot of airplay and critical raves. The band is Coldplay and this is one of their best songs (and maybe one of the best of this entire decade). It's simply called, Clocks:

Finally, we have an act that originated in Mississippi. They have a little rougher edge to their music than the previous tunes had. It is a harder sound that does not cross over into heavy metal. Here is the song that put them into the rock radio rotations, it's a tune with an interesting accompanying video. Here is Kryptonite:



Rocket said...


Sour Girl eh!

What was the second song on the album

Sweet Boy?

chuckle chuckle!

Now try this

LASunsett said...

Hi Rocket,

I like some Oasis's music. Here's one of the cuts that I like:

Rocket said...

This is too cool.