Saturday, January 05, 2008

NFL Playoffs Thread

Seattle 35 - Washington 14

I didn't get to see this one, was in the car on the road with the radio on and it sounded bad for Washington. They blew their chance to keep momentum late in the game, when they could not capitalize on that recovered kickoff. Leading 14-13 after trailing for three quarters, a team has to maintain the intensity that put them back into contention. They have to sense the knockout, follow up, and finish.

They did not do it. This is why they lost this one.

Next up for the Hawks is the Packers. I think the season will end for Seattle, next week.

Jacksonville 31 - Pittsburgh 29

I did see this one and what a game it was.

I thought the officiating stunk. I thought there were several bad calls along the way, on both teams. But the one that almost had an effect on the game, was the missed face mask call in the end zone, late in the game and committed by Hines Ward of the Steelers.

I am no fan of Jacksonville. They whine a lot about respect and yet, still find ways to beat themselves. My philosophy can best be described by a slogan from a Nike commericial, "just do it". There's nothing wrong with playing with emotion, mind you. But you have to keep it in check. I thought there were several instances where they came close to losing their cool, when the Steelers were mounting their comeback.

With all of their protesting of what they perceive to be a lack of respect from other teams, other fans, and (of course) the media, they desperately needed to win this one. They needed to win the game, with the game on the line. They needed to stay cohesive and focused, while the Steelers were fighting back with everything they had. They had to make a big play in the end to put them into position to win. And they did.

New England had better be pulling for Tennessee to beat San Diego. Because, they really don't want to play this team and the Colts in the playoffs, back-to-back.

Predictions for remaining games:

San Diego will prove to be too strong for a Tennessee team that could barely eke out a win last week against the Colts' second string. The Titans have a lot of heart, but I do not think they have the horses. SD over Tenn.

NYG VS TB, this is tougher to predict. It should be the Giants over the Bucs, but do not count Tampa Bay out completely. They have a shot if they can frustrate Eli Manning on offense.

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