Thursday, January 24, 2008

Update: The PYY Depraved Bastard Of The Month

For those that caught the last installment of "Depraved Bastard", here is an update on the case, as it is known. Law enforcement officials chased down a lot of leads and finally got to what they think is the bottom of the whole affair and have made some arrests.

The men charged in the Hovey Street slayings were trying to score 50 pounds of marijuana and cash in a house they saw as an easy target because they expected only women to be inside, prosecutors say.

The men charged were named in the article. Pictures accompany those names. Altogether, five have been charged in connection with this horrible crime, and as you may surmise, the death penalty will be sought in the case of the shooter.

In the midst of this, one must ask the fundamental question of if these two girls and their two babies would be alive today, had they not been selling pot? Granted the fact that they were possessing a large quantity, did not directly cause their deaths. But if the reputation hadn't been there, as a house that had it and had it abundance, there would have been no attempted robbery and no murders as a result.

There was no call for shooting these girls and their little ones, none whatsoever. It was cowardly and dastardly, at the very least. But, people must realize that living and working in an underworld environment, when something like this happens.


Anonymous said...

Over the years, my studies have led me to conclude that there is no such thing as an unlimited resource. Of course, it is true that while some resources are renewable; others are not. Why, even the sun will extinguish some day — hopefully later, rather than sooner — but it will happen. We can replace our forests, and we can do a better job managing the resources we still have. Nevertheless, when we run out of fossil fuels, they’ll really be gone forever — until our rotting corpses evolve into more puddles of the stuff, for which by then there will be no demand.

Lately, however, I wonder if I’ve been wrong all along. There really are unlimited resources. This realization came to me while reading a recent column by Larry Elder, and reinforced by the Depraved Bastards Chronicles. Without question, our country has an unlimited supply of idiots. Our country could make a fortune if we only could find a market for these idiots. This must be one of those supply-demand things—since there is an abundance of supply, there is little demand.

We see these kinds of things happening every day. Years ago, one of my seniors was murdered by her married-boyfriend-deputy sheriff. She was missing for several days before her body was discovered with her head nearly decapitated—and while her parents cried hysterically in front of the television cameras, I kept wondering where all that parental concern was when their daughter (aged 17) frequently didn’t come home for days at a time. I suspect that anti-crime measures would become more effective if our politically correct society began to demonstrate how utter stupidity always ends in absolute remorse.

LASunsett said...


While there are many up and coming kids that are brilliant and resilient, I am afraid that many are not getting it. And they are showing no signs of wanting to get it, at least not anytime soon. This era we live in has created a unique kind of adult, many times it is one that wants nothing to do with anything that takes any real work or effort.

In the era of X-box and Play Station there has developed a certain kind of insensitivity to the things that are real and replaced with things that are not. If they do not like the outcome, they fully expect to hit the "game reset" button and simply start over.

Unfortunately for the girls in this tragic story and the one you mention in your comment, there is no "game reset". And start over has been forever replaced by "game over".