Monday, January 21, 2008

Bill Clinton's Nightmare

It wasn't during this little speech during an MLK event, when the speaker lulled him into some involuntary periods of dozing. That was the pleasant part of all of this. After all, they say quick-doze power naps in the afternoon, sometimes can rejuvenate a person.

No, his nightmare is just beginning.

Now that the media has a hold of this, the outrage from Obama's surrogates will be jumping all over this one. They will claim he is disrespecting blacks. They will hammer him mercilessly.

And yet, during the courses of their castigations, they will not consider that the poor guy has been out on the campaign trail for a long time; nor will they care that his health isn't what it once was. Very little will be said about his past bypass surgery and I can guarantee with a good amount of certainty, you won't hear anything about how boring the speaker was. To say this, would constitute racism and bring calls for harsh condemnation.

I have been where he is at on many occasions. I know what it's like to be so tired and someone speaking isn't interesting enough to stimulate my brain cells that have been deprived of rest and repair. The hours, the pace, very few could keep up with Bill Clinton in his heyday (or me in mine). He always was a textbook example of a workaholic, during his days in the White House. He's been though many a campaign and it all takes a toll, especially when you get older. But in the grand scope of things, this will all be a non-factor in the onslaught that is about to occur in the Democratic ranks.

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