Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback

SD 28 - Indy 24

There are so many reasons the Colts deserved to lose this game, but I do not have time to list them all. The one thing that stands out among others is, the defense didn't show up. Neither did Manning. Sure he moved the ball down field and passed for a lot yards. But if you cannot get the ball in the end zone when you need to, it's all for naught. Yards aren't points. SD can savor this win now, next week they go home. Rivers taunting the fans was highly unprofessional and cheap. It will be fun to see him pouting next week. The way the Colts played today, they would have been embarrassed next week, anyway. Better the Chargers be the one to look incompetent on national TV, than my team.

NE 31 - Jax 20

There is this semi-permeable membrane the Jags seem to be trying to break through. Every time they get the opportunity to show why they should be given respect, they blow it. Too many mistakes at the wrong times. They are clearly not as disciplined as it takes to play at the level NE is playing right now, and they need someone to throw the long ball to. Plus, their defense was not able to stop the Pats enough, so they just came up short. Garrard is the real deal, he just needs a little more seasoning and more options down the field to take some of the workload off of the running backs. Running game may get through at the college level, but not in the NFL.

GB 42 - Seattle 20

Spotting the Seahawks two TDs to start the game off is not the preferred method of playoff football. But when you have the magical old man leading the team, it's no sweat. This is the fairy tale of the season, the least likely outcome anyone could have predicted. The Pack is back for one more run. Most old men like me cannot help but root for a cagey veteran that still has the ability to lead a football team. This is why he will be in the Hall of Fame first year ballot, when he's eligible.

NY 21 - Dallas 17

If I had slept all day and woke up to hear there's a Manning in the conference championship, I wouldn't have guesses Eli was the one. Gutsy performance by a young greenhorn that still has a way to go before being close to big bro. But knowing that Peyton didn't play as well as he should have, may have motivated Eli a little more. The Giant defense was a very important factor in stopping the Cowboys in their own stadium. These guys played better on the road than they did at home, so it comes as no surprise that NY handed it to them today. it's going to be tough beating GB at Lambeau in January. Not many can do it. They have a chance.


Rocket said...


I'm sorry for your loss

"Rivers taunting the fans was highly unprofessional and cheap."

How would you describe the Colts fans screaming so loud during the entire game that SD couldn't hear their own signals?

In fact the only thing that matters is that Dallas lost which makes it a good day for me.

I am rooting for the Pack.

Greg said...

My impressions, in the order they were played:

Sea v. GB: Seattle is a pretty good team at home, and one of the worst teams in the NFL when playing on the road. GB made it look easy.

Jax v. NE: The big questions before this game were: (1) can the Patriots run the ball if they need to? and (2) can the Patriots stop the unstoppable Jacksonville running attack? Check and check. They will take away whatever you want to do most on offense. And when NE is on offense, they are simply unstoppable. Take away Moss, and Brady will find Welker or Gaffney or Stallworth or Faulk. And if the defense drops back to cover pass, they will run Moroney at you. Try to blitz and it's a 50 yard touchdown. No defense remains in the playoffs that can hold the Patriots to under 35 points. I continue to be impressed by Garrard, but he needs some receivers.

SD vs. Ind: I am totally stunned. Even at full strength, I didn't think SD could beat the Colts. When I saw Rivers and Tomlinson and Gates standing on the sideline, I thought, "Game over." The Indie defense couldn't stop the back-ups. And then the offense couldn't make a couple of plays. The last play said it all: the ball is delivered right on Clark's normally sure hands, and he can't make the play. Anyway, how long before SD gives NE some good bulletin board material?

NYG vs. Dal: I still think NY is playing with house money. Manning wasn't great, but he didn't make his normal boneheaded mistakes for the 3rd straight game. Dallas beat NY in essentially every relevant offensive and defensive category and still managed to lose. Romo failed to make a couple of crucial passes that he could have made. I think GB is going to beat the Giants into the frozen turf next week.

LASunsett said...


//How would you describe the Colts fans screaming so loud during the entire game that SD couldn't hear their own signals?//

That's part of the NFL when you play on the road. On the other hand, taunting the fans of the home team is not. Tom Brady doesn't do it, Peyton Manning doesn't do it. But Rivers is an immature, classless individual, so it should come as no surprise. I predict Mr. Rivers will Mr. Turf this weekend, a lot.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You are a Blogger of the World.

Greg said...

Oh look, the bulletin board material didn't take long at all....

Scroll down to the embed to hear Charger idiot Igor Olshansky say he doesn't know who the Patriots are. LOL!

LASunsett said...

//Scroll down to the embed to hear Charger idiot Igor Olshansky say he doesn't know who the Patriots are. LOL!//

I have a feeling they will be finding out real soon.

Greg said...

LAS, you should know most fans up here are both relieved and disappointed we aren't going to face the Colts. There is real fear and respect for Indie among Pats fans.

LASunsett said...

//There is real fear and respect for Indie among Pats fans.//

I know. The same goes true here. One that has a functioning football brain cannot deny that NE is a juggernaut this year.

Many respect the team, but many just don't like Belichick. Brady and the rest of the players aren't what you call hated, unless you classify it as a "football hatred". Everyone has a rival that you love to hate, but students and aficianodos of the game, realize a work of art when they see it. Over the years, several teams have been in that category.

Steelers, Niners, Cowboys, and Broncos, all have people that despise them because they had success against their teams. Now, it should come as no surprise that NE, with a win this year, will be in that category forever.

The bulk of the fans, here, were rooting for Jacksonville because they didn't want to face the Pats in their stadium. I am sure many were pulling for SD because Indy poses the only challenge to this dream of 19-0. Two games to go, bucko, and it's in the books.