Monday, January 21, 2008

Recommended Reading

The NY Times has a good article on Michael Yon, the online blogger that has logged more hours in a combat zone than any other journalist. (However, according to the article, his background is not in journalism.) His narratives are up close and personal, unlike the hotel room journalists that pay for stories from biased sources that purposely skew the real stories, into some propaganda pieces that advance their antiwar agenda.

Give it a read, if you are so inclined and when you get the time.


Greg said...

Like most bloggers, Mr. Yon has an agenda, writing often that the United States’ mission to build a stable, democratic Iraq is succeeding and must continue.

As Charles Johnson points out today, look who's talking! In the universe of left-wing, anti-American nutjob NYT editors, anything that paints American soldiers in a remotely positive lights is suspicious. We all know the NYT's agenda on Iraq: to encourage and promote defeat at all costs (and sell as many newspapers as possible in the process). And if they can release the US' anti-terror secrets along the way, even better! Screw the NYT.

A.C. McCloud said...

Did they check to see whether Yon had recently killed anybody in his stateside forays between assignments?