Saturday, February 09, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

This coming week will get some men in trouble, if they do not remember to get some flowers and a card for their wives or girlfriends. Valentine's Day will soon sneak up on them, so let this week's feature serve as a stark reminder of what will be in store for them, if they forget. Because of this special day set aside for sweethearts, this weekend's installment features love songs from the past that most of will remember.

This weekend's first song comes from a band that three hits in the 70s. This song was their second. Here is Orleans with Still The One:

The lead singer of this band, Michael Hutchence, was highly touted to be the second coming of the Doors' Jim Morrison. Unfortunately, the outcome was the same as Morrison's, which was death at a too young of an age. Here is INXS with one of their hits from 1987, Never Tear Us Apart:

One of my favorite love songs of all-time was a simple little tune by Jim Croce. it's s simple little ballad with nothing spectacular, except for some of the most poignant lyrics you'll ever hear. Here is his 1973 hit, I'll Have To Say I love You In A Song:

If you really want women of my age to become captivated, all you have to do is play my wife's favorite artists in the entire world, Rod Stewart. The song was recorded with Ronald Isley of the Isley Brothers fame, the song is This Old Heart Of Mine:

And finally, at last, here is a special request from Mrs. Sunsett. It is Etta James and her famous song, At Last:


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