Friday, February 15, 2008

The Romney Endorsement

A funny thing happened yesterday on the way to the forum. Mitt Romney, who wasn't too happy with his (then) rival McCain a short time ago, endorsed him.

Here is one report that can be found on this story.

...Mitt Romney put personal animosity toward John McCain aside for the good of the party, aides say.

I am not sure they like each other still. But it looks like Romney could have a couple of intentions here.

1. Like the quoted statement, he is wanting to put aside his differences and support the eventual nominee for the good of his party. Good for the party, good for the country.

2. He wanted to stick it to Huckabee, one last time. In no way, do I believe this was his primary objective or intention. It's just one of those secondary gains that come as an added bonus, if you act now while supplies last.

I think it is a safe bet that Romney's delegates will go with McCain (which means he could go well over the top, in the next primary or two).

Huckabee and the evangelical force seriously need to give up of their bid to split the party, over theologically-based social issues. I say this mainly, because 1) it isn't working to any real degree, 2)it risks creating an electoral environment that will put a bigger spender and far more socially liberal politician in office (certainly more than McCain would ever be).

I am sorry, but they just have to get over it. It does their cause no good to embattle on over trivial things, and it will not help them in future elections or debates. Hardcore conservatives like Dobson, Limbaugh and Coulter wanting to have a Democrat over McCain, is childish, silly, and foolish. And they may get their wish, if they do not shape up.

Obama isn't saying a hell of a lot of things, except feel good stuff. He wants us to believe that he has the magic wand that will work. So, one is only left to extrapolate that he will do the will of those that support him, which is tax and spend. Take from the rich and give to the poor. Is that what we want?

Hillary tells us what she will do, up front. But every time I hear her promises, I hear the sounds of an old manual cash register go off in my head, only to be followed my this fade-in of the song Money, by Pink Floyd. I see dollars with wings fly out of my wallet and into the government's. I, then, see it fly out of their hands into the hands of those that abuse it and waste it.

It's not bad when a candidate can produce "well synchronized" audio and visual hallucinations, all in the same breath. (And never take a drug to do it.) But I haven't got time to worry about those kinds of things, I'd rather stay rooted in reality.


A.C. McCloud said...

I think Huckabee is staying in the race to extract whatever leverage he can for the Christian coalition to help when the next SCOTUS judges are picked. Either that, or he thinks something bad might soon befall McCain.

Also can't help but think there's something deeper to this Mormon/Baptist rift between Romney and Huck. Not approaching the Shia/Sunni level, but just not very loving.

BTW, heard someone say today they'll hold their nose and vote for McCain because they can't vote for Obama. Had the GOP nominated Huck, or Fred, or Romney, this person would not be voting.

LASunsett said...


//Also can't help but think there's something deeper to this Mormon/Baptist rift between Romney and Huck. //

Reportedly, there's not much love lost between McCain and Romney. I haven't heard what Huck and Mac think of each other. Romney seems to be the common denominator. Why exactly. I do not know. I'd like to think it's more than religion, but who knows?

Romney and Huck could prove to be valuable assets to the party, if they get over their disdain for each other (and McCain).

The funny thing is, Huck, Romney, and McCain were all three considered to moderates when this whole thing began. Now we have Rush and Co. demeaning McCain for being some kind RINO, which is nothing new. Yet, they now sing the praises of the other two.

Rush is about to lose whatever credibility he ever had and will soon be classified in the same category as Coulter Inc.