Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

Very few bands today have the star power to pack stadiums for a concert. Some can do it with a strong line-up of opening acts. But this weekend's featured band last performed this feat in 1994, with no opening acts.

Two of their albums were on the Billboard Top 100 for years after their releases.

Their sound is one of the most unique sounds in rock music. And outside of a few songs here and there, there is no other act that has truly captured it with any real consistency. Their resume is long and deep. For this reason, it is impossible to feature them all. So, alas, I know some time-tested classics have been left out.

I was able to catch this band on their 1994 world tour, which promoted their release of the same year, the Division Bell. The band is Pink Floyd.

The first song is a tune that runs through my head, whenever I hear the two Democratic Presidential candidates speak of what they want to do, if elected. It's off of their first smash hit album, Dark Side Of The Moon. The song is Money:

The follow up album to Dark Side was one that pushed the envelope in the world of classical rock. Here is the title track of that album, Wish You Were Here:

There are few bands that are able pull off an entire song complete with vocals, without lyrics. But in this next song from Dark Side Of The Moon, they do it and do it so well. Here is The Great Gig In The Sky:

From The Division Bell release, comes this next one. This is a song that puts the listener in a small village somewhere in England. It didn't get as much attention as their earlier cuts, as they were very hard to follow up with. But if you haven't heard this one, you haven't heard Pink Floyd, like they were meant to be heard. Here is High Hopes:

Finally, we have another tune from Dark Side, it's one every fan will recognize. I would say with so many good songs, it's hard to pick a favorite. But if I had to, this would be one of them. Here is Time:

Note-Their two albums that were on the charts for years were: 1) Dark Side Of The Moon. 2) The Wall.

I didn't get any up from The Wall this time. But I will on the next go around, someday.



Obob said...

you love youtube.

I think you had one Jim Croce awhile ago. I am very disappointed in 101.9's new format. I liked the deep cuts they played without fear

LASunsett said...

Hi Obob,

Yeah, You Tube's groovy man. ;)

And so was 101.9 before they sold out to the establishment. ;) x 2.

If I remember correctly, the guy that owned the station had some health problems; some up and coming radio conglomerate offered him a goodly amount of $$ for the station. They had two guys that called themselves "Pop and Scratch". I loved them. They really played the obscure cuts that I hadn't heard in years, up to that time.