Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Planet Cooling Story? Where's NBC?

Here's something you won't see on NBC, a subsidiary of General Electric (a company that stands to make billions off of the global warming business). After years of hearing how the polar ice caps are melting (which will put many coastal cities under water), we now learn that the ice is back, and snow cover is at the highest amount, since 1966. Of course, we cannot say that one article will refute the alarmists' contentions that we are in a global warming crisis, so here is one that won't get much attention on NBC, either.

AC at Fore Left has correctly noted that all three candidates are in the corner of the alarmists. Whether one wants to buy into this theory that has GE salivating, is entirely up to them. So, if John McCain wants to position himself on the same side as the GW proponents, it doesn't matter to me.

I have often said (and continue to say), keeping the environment clean is a good thing. Helping the country to be less dependent on oil-producing nations that finance terror organizations and those that act foolish (like Venezuela's Chavez), is an even better thing. But to use the scare tactics associated with those groups that have a financial interest in seeing this unproven theory advanced, is quite another thing.

The companies that stand to make billions off of this are wanting the U.S. to follow the Kyoto Protocol, for their own benefit. That motive is well-understood. The nations that want the U.S. to follow it have a different motive, as is evidenced by allowing a pass for developing economies to disregard it. This allows countries like India and China to continue to emit toxic gases for the purpose of allowing them to gain ground on richer nations, with far better developed economies. Never mind that the same gases (and sometimes worse) get thrown into the air (all in the name of fairness and equality).

Sound familiar? It should. Think of it as a form of collective world socialism in action, whereby we punish the rich nations and prop up those that have not made the grade on their own. But if we allow this to continue unabated, the evil capitalists will ultimately win. GE and others will make millions off of an unsuspecting and ill-informed public. So, with all three candidates warning of impending doom, I recommend buying GE stock.


Greg said...

I hear the boots of the Thought Police, LAS. Better hide.

Anonymous said...


How dare you suggest the sky isn’t falling; it is falling. Yes, it is. Oh, yes it is. Even though I realize that you are simply linking to blasphemous websites, I must say that you have violated the spirit and intent of kind, warm-hearted, genuinely concerned, and noble Americans like Al Gore, Jr. and Barney Fluffbutt who runs the Green Movement in the Northwest. And if Gore-Fluffbutt says the earth is warming, damn it, the earth is warming. And if you continue to blaspheme, not only will you rot in hell, you will find yourself allocated to its very hottest regions. And, I might add, there isn’t any water there.

Now, it just so happens there is indisputable proof of the fact of global warming: (1) Thongs and bikinis are getting smaller. (2) No one is yet paying any attention to humidity (3) Human cremations are getting cheaper. Now, no one has ever suggested that there aren’t some benefits to global warming. For example, Tipper Gore likes sweaty men; in time, there will no more reason to cut the grass or weed the garden; eventually all Arabs will be fried like pig ears, and there will be no reason to labor over a grill to cook steaks. So maybe you should develop a less critical attitude about global warming.

LASunsett said...

Greg and Mustang,

My apologies.

I have dishonored myself and the platoon. Please help me, for I am a dying cockroach.

Once again, have attempted to use critical thinking and analysis to form a reasonable and sound opinion that is not in line with such brilliant climatologists, as Dr. Gore and Dr. Fluffbutt. I have failed you and the state.

I will now report to the nearest concentration camp for reeducation.