Thursday, February 21, 2008

China Wants Answers

After the U.S. has successfully shot down a falling satellite, China has demanded some answers. As a public service to those that do not speak Chinese, I will attempt to translate the Chinese government's official responses:

"China is continuing to closely follow the possible harm caused by the US action to outer space security and relevant countries," foreign ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said when asked for a reaction to the shootdown.

Translation: China is continuing to closely follow the harm to China's developing missile program, as is evidenced by the U.S. demonstrated ability to shoot down any object that is fired at the North American continent.

"China further requests that the US fulfil its international obligations in earnest and promptly provide to the international community the necessary information and relevant data... so that relevant countries can take precautions."

Translation: China further requests that all U.S. defense missile design plans and locations of said defense missiles be provided to the Chinese government for future use in the ongoing revival of the Cold War.

Note-I sincerely hope this helps clear up any misunderstandings caused by this language barrier.


Greg said...

Hey, we'll show you our's if you show us your's!

Didn't China recently do the same thing, without announcing it beforehand, and thereafter refuse to provide any information on the incident?

As an aside, perhaps you caught the PBS special "Astrospies"? Fascinating. We put astronauts in space in the 60's in a CIA program to take pictures of the USSR. USSR did the same. One of the interesting tidbits of information was that the Soviets were the first to "weaponize" space when they placed a cannon on one of their manned spy satellites. The public is only now finding out about this. Imagine what is going on up there now. One wonders if these recent events aren't a smokescreen for some more significant mission.

Anyway, here's a clip from the show. Unfortunately, it doesn't show the cannon.

LASunsett said...


I guarantee you, we have only seen a fraction of what our capabilities are. The only reason we know what we know is, someone wanted us to know.

China wanted to show they could do something, we (in turn) had to show we could do it too. We did the same thing during the days of the USSR. They did something, we did too (and usually better).

As bellicose as it was at times, it was quite benign compared to that which we face today. I know you are younger than me, so please let me welcome you to the world I lived in during the Cold War. If it wasn't for the real war against Islamic jihadists, it would be more fun to watch.

Rocket said...

I second Greg's comment about China having done the same thing. I don't take anything that China says into consideration. (But who the hell am I?) This "Capitalist when it serves them country and communism for the laboring classes" stinks.

Only problem is 1.4 billion slaves obliged to lay down for the revolution.

Also re - the Serbian incidents tonight. Putin is an absolute idiot and dictator. I put no confidence in this man. He's stirring up the shit with the Serbian extreme right. I only hope that the other Russian territories who want their independence will declare it and we will see how he reacts.

I know lots of Russian orthodox people and believe me there is no love loss between them and the Muslims. It even is hatred.

Rocket said...

PS - Do you know what happened to Amerloque. The guy has just like disappeared, like he's dead or what?

LASunsett said...


I suspect Amerloque is in lurking mode right now, for whatever reason. He could be extremely busy or just fed up with the crap that gets put out on the blogs these days.

I suppose he'll resurface at some time in the future, at a time and place of his choosing. His wisdom is sorely missed and I do hope he is okay.