Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback

NY 17 - NE 14

Outcoached and outplayed, on both sides of the ball. This was supposed to be the lead-in. Only this time, the teams were reversed.

Belichick was supposed to be the mastermind, the genius. Brady was supposed to be the second coming of Joe Montana, the best that ever played the game. Welker and Moss were supposed to be his lifelines, his outlets, his ever faithful sure hands receivers. But after the precision execution of the better game plan, the accumulation of many hard hits on both sides of the ball, it was the Patriots that learned a harsh reality: Finesse must, sometimes, take a back seat to hard-hitting smash mouth football.

There was no domination, but in one of the gutsiest performances ever by such a huge underdog, the New York Giants have knocked off the mighty New England Patriots. David slew Goliath. And today, the sports world lies in a state of virtual shock. Every sports pundit I listened to leading up to this game, never gave them a respectful chance. None, nada, zero, zilch. And it motivated them, more than any other team I have watched. Today, they have to explain their errors.

This is why I always say: This is why they play the game. This is why I say: You can never look at the stats or previous performances to pick a winner. As a team or a coach, you cannot listen to the pundits and expect to just show up to claim the title of "best there has ever been", no matter what the idiot sportswriters say. Their is no such thing as "divine right" in football.

You have to want it bad enough, to go out on the field and take it.

The Pats didn't, and they lost. The Giants were not going to cooperate by laying down. They wanted it, they took it, and now they have it.

The entire Giants defensive line should be the MVPs, in by view. Without this stellar performance, they had no chance whatsoever. They delivered exponentially. This was what they had to do and they did it. And after a sluggish game brought on by an outstanding defensive performance by NE, Eli was the spitting image of his brother Peyton when it counted the most.

In a way, I have to feel for the Pats' team (and Greg, a good friend of PYY) after working so hard this year and making a serious run at the 72 Dolphins' legacy. But as for Belichick and his little hissy fit (running off before the game was over), I have no sympathy at all. In fact, I have never seen a sorer loser in football, in my life. He did to the Colts last year after they beat them for the AFC Championship and now he has done it to the Giants. His actions come as no surprise to me, at all. he in my view is utterly classless. This is why he will never be considered to be anywhere near the coach, Bill Walsh was.

But beyond the coach's childish behavior, it does not diminish what the Pats did this year, much, if any at all.

Truth is, it was a great year for them. Certainly, they were the force I expected them to be at the beginning of the year. But, going undefeated means nothing if you don't finish it with a win.

If you are in the Manning family, you have to be extra tickled; two Mannings winning a Super Bowl two years in a row, is phenomenal. Congrats must go to them.

Anyway, I am sorry to see the season come to an end. But the neat thing about it all is, after everyone processes the shock and awe, after the water cooler talk has subsided, all of the teams are undefeated again.


Greg said...

Shock and sadness. Made more bitter by the rest of the country's celebration, and by the viscious political and media attacks unjustly thrust on my team all year and right up until the start of the championship. F*ck everyone who piled on the Patriots this year. I've never seen such a disgraceful attempt to tear down a team in my entire life, and it appears to have worked. I hope everyone is happy. Actually, outside of NE, I know everyone is smiling today. Congrats everyone! And to think the Rams and Eagles fan Arlen Sphinctor are now trying to steal away the championships they did win!! It's an utter disgrace to watch people controlled by their jealousy.

F*ck so-called Giants fans who didn't start cheering for their team until the late 1st quarter of week 17. F*ck the hellhole that is New York City. F*uck Arlen Spector. F*ck Eric Mangini. F*ck Marshall Faulk. Etc.

I may never be able to watch a game again.

Every sports pundit I listened to leading up to this game, never gave them a respectful chance. None, nada, zero, zilch.

Far from true, my friend. I had a running list of pundits who picked the Giants that was quite long. Most are the usual suspects of Patriot-haters, and it kills me that they will milk for as long as possible the one time they were right to pick against them. Here they are:

Shaun King Greg Cosell Fran Tarkenton Dr. Z Jason Whitlock Eddie George Merril Hoge Marshall Faulk Bill Cowher Bill "Bubba" Clinton Dan Patrick Jerry Rice Rod Woodson Jason Lucca, MVN TJ Mims, MVN Joe Namath Steve Mariucci Mike Ditka Jeffrey Chadiha Wright Thompson (supposedly a senior writer who picks NYG 35-3) Matt Hasselbeck Tom Weir Bob Costas. I'm sure there were more that I didn't catch.

Greg said...

Now that I've been able to bring myself to read the coverage of the Giants' win, I think you should do an addendum to your thread, especially with respect to the "class" theme.

I've never understood why people think Belichick has no class. Actually, yes I do - jealousy. B/c he never denigrates another team or makes excuses for a loss. In fact, he is always complimentary of the other team, win or lose. People think Belichick has no class b/c he kicks their ass on the field and makes no excuses. He ran to shake Coughlin's hand immediately after the game yesterday, though of course, no one mentions that. He took his loss like a man, like he always does (on the rare occasion he loses). He's not particularly social when he wins either, but he is always respectful of the other team.

And you know it's genuine b/c there is only ONE team in the NFL whose players never talk smack before or after a game. Only one. They talk shit during the game, sure. And the reason is obviously b/c of the coach.

But have you seen the comments from Giants' players? I can't even bear to mention them. Talk to me about "class."

I'm pissed and I don't see getting over it any time soon.

LASunsett said...

//I may never be able to watch a game again.//

Come on Greg. Are you a fan of the game? I am.

I love the game, despite the fact my team stunk against SD. I loved the game, when the Pats had my team's number, every year. I loved the game when the then hated Steelers beat my LA Rams in 1980. I loved the game despite the fact Jon Gruden knew every play my Raiders would run, the year TB beat them soundly.

I love the game. I can have fun at a high school game.

//Far from true, my friend. I had a running list of pundits who picked the Giants that was quite long.//

That may be so. But I do not saturate myself with non-stop coverage like others do. But as I said in the post: Every sports pundit I listened to leading up to this game, never gave them a respectful chance. None, nada, zero, zilch. The ones I did happen to listen to were all predicting a Patriot win and had them crowned as the best ever, before the game even started.

//I think you should do an addendum to your thread, especially with respect to the "class" theme.//

Sorry but I think he showed very poor sportsmanship by leaving his team and his coaching staff on the field with :01 left in the game. That's not exactly what i call class. He is a mature man, not some spoiled brat. He is supposed to be a paid professional coach.

No one likes to lose, I don't expect him to like it. But, for the love of John, he should show the game some respect, even when the outcome is not to his liking.

You wonder why people outside of Boston and the NE states do not like him? Isn't it odd that no one does, other than those that root for his team? Ever wonder why very few people that worked for him in his career have little good to say about him? Ask any of his former coaches, like Mangiano or Weiss and see what they have to say about him.

If it were just fans and sportwriters whose teams usually fall to the them (bitter rivals like Indy, the Eastern Division teams, and a few others), I could understand that it is (in fact) a bad case of jealousy. But when no one in any town across America likes the guy, there must be something to it.

I will grant you, he is a damned good coach that loves his job, loves to win, loves his players, and conducts himself well in most instances before and after the games. He knows his football and can motivate a team. I had the utmost respect for him until three things happened recently.

1. He brought his team into the Dome last year and expected to pick up the AFC trophy and when that didn't happen, he pouted like a baby.

2. He was caught red-handed taping signals, which is a blatant violation of NFL rules.

3. His little performance after last night's game.

Note-this is in no way intended to reflect on the team itself, ot the players that love him and play for him. it is directed solely at him, alone.

And before you ask, the answer is yes. I'd feel the same way if it were Dungy acting this way. I'd feel the same way if anyone acted this way.

In fact, after the way the Pacers have acted, I couldn't care less if they ever make it to the playoffs again. And I was once a big Pacer fan, when Reggie played for them, So, it's not a matter of blind loyalty with me, but of deeply held principles that I will never let go of.

But in all of this, I know how disappointed you and the other NE fans must feel. On the other hand, when we consider the real problems we have in this world, we must all realize that this was just a ball game. We are still a free nation, we still have food to eat, we still have houses to live in and jobs to go to.

As much love this game, I can never lose sight of the fact that it is a game that will not hurt me in a real sense, whether my teams win or lose. Every great "come from behind" win, every blowout of a despised rival, will not pay one damned bill and will not keep my family any safer.

Like I said, I know it stings. But you cannot blame the fans that hate your team for that loss last night. You cannot blame the refs. And you cannot blame the pundits that may be jealous of the success the Pats had this year, and in years past.

If anyone is to blame, it's the Patriots team. They lost the game, the Giants beat them fair and square. They wanted it more, they went out and played the game of their lives and deserved to win it. Their defense did what they knew they had to do, which was get to Brady. Eli did what he had to do in the final minutes of the game, which was get the ball into the end zone.

You cannot blame the NY fans (which I agree are the worst fair weather fans in the world next to Philly), it isn't about them. It's about the men that stood on that field for 60 minutes and did the work asked of them. It's about the team that wanted it more and scored the most points.

When you said your team had no weaknesses a couple of weeks ago, I only gently challenged you to guard against thinking that way. Upsets are a part of sports. They always have been and always will be. But Greg, just because we don't see them during the course of a season doesn't mean they aren't there. They are. But no one had exposed them before last night. That is why the Giants won the game.

Brady and company will be back next year and will be as good as ever, as long as this didn't wound their pride too much. If I were to bet, I would have to bet they have another Super Bowl in them, down the road. It isn't the end of the road for them, unless they quit and give up like Bobby Knight did today.

So cheer up and hug that baby of yours. Not only that, do what your wife says, or your world will really turn to sh*t, certainly faster than any game can make you think it has. ;)

Greg said...

I love the game. I can have fun at a high school game.

I'm not sure I do love the game. Is next year going to be a re-hash of Bash the Patriots Year? Are we going to have Congress investigating the Patriots next year? Are we going to have supposedly neutral pundits on TV saying "the Patriots will win, but I WANT the other team to win"? If so, I don't love the game and won't watch.

You wonder why people outside of Boston and the NE states do not like him? Isn't it odd that no one does, other than those that root for his team?

No, I don't wonder, considering his record against the rest of the league. And if there were any doubt about why people don't like Belichick, the the garbage around a video camera at a Jets game explained everything. Everyone who ever got beat by Belichick took the opportunity for a cheap shot.

He brought his team into the Dome last year and expected to pick up the AFC trophy and when that didn't happen, he pouted like a baby.

I didn't see that. You'll have to be more specific. But while we're on the subject of pouting like a baby, I found the Reverend Tony Dungy's comments about the Patriots past Super Bowl victories this year very POUTY indeed. Sour grapes, especially considering he was in possession of the Trophy when he made the comments. Someone with class would have shut their mouth about it, and certainly would not have tried to make excuses for losing to the Patriots on the past.

He was caught red-handed taping signals, which is a blatant violation of NFL rules.

So what? So is holding. Why does no one mention that the reason Belichick did it was b/c the Jets got caught doing it in Foxboro last year? Hmm. Gee I wonder why the one-sided criticism on this empty issue? What could it be? The Jets did the same thing and nothing happened. And I'm sure those are the only 2 teams who ever taped signals from somewhere other than the booth. And wow, what a huge advantage it was! In any case, the team was severely punished - the most severe punishment against a team in league history (I'm pissed at Bob Kraft for not fighting it). But that was not enough! No! B/c the Patriots kept winning, so the haters had to keep at it and at it and at it, all the way up to enlisting CONGRESS' HELP!

On the other hand, when we consider the real problems we have in this world, we must all realize that this was just a ball game. We are still a free nation, we still have food to eat, we still have houses to live in and jobs to go to.

Right now, I could seriously care less. I've never been so unenthusiastic about voting. Hillary can have the Presidency for all I care. None of these clowns will solve any problems anyway.

Like I said, I know it stings. But you cannot blame the fans that hate your team for that loss last night.

Sure I can. I did. And I will continue to blame them.

You cannot blame the refs.

I didn't, although plenty of the Patriots oppenents have blamed the refs this year, INCLUDING THE HIGHLY "CLASSY" PLAXICO BURRESS.

And you cannot blame the pundits that may be jealous of the success the Pats had this year, and in years past.

I can and will. And now I blame Specter as well. You can't know what we feel here until your team is attacked non-stop all season long by everyone, including the GOVERNMENT for no good reason. I, for one, will do my best to try to get Congress to investigate all my teams' rivals. That's the way it goes, I guess. That's fair game in sports today. I'll try to time it to happen right before the most imporatant game of the year.

And what about the Giants' comments yesterday? Classy? Typical NY behavior, in my book. The opposite of class. They should have at least tried to act like champions - like they've ever won something before. Completely immature and lacking in any dignity. They did not deserve the support the entire country gave to them for no reason. They suck.

Brady and company will be back next year and will be as good as ever

You know it's not true. There's no way the team can be better next year. This was it. This was our last chance, and I feel like it was stolen.

Greg said...

The Pats, lost but the NFL isn't sure it's had enough flesh yet.

We're not low enough here in New England - we need more punishment. Someone called Matt Walsh says "he might" have evidence, that he might share with you if you pay him. Definitely something to investigate vigorously!

What if we just offer to disband the Patriots franchise? I wonder if that would make people happy, or do we have to stone Belichick and Brady in the public square.

Greg said...

Belichick on why he left the field with one second remaining on the clock. “Basically, on that last play I wasn't really sure of the time. Everybody started on to the field and then I got over there and I wanted to congratulate Tom [Coughlin]. I've been in that situation before after the game. I wanted to get over there and congratulate him and congratulate him on the championship. There really wasn't much left at that point.”

Greg said...

A fantastic description of how I feel about the rest of the country right not, written by someone much more articulate than I: So here’s the deal, America - as Patriots fans, we have to suffer the indignity of hearing forever about 18-1, and about one of the biggest Super Bowl upsets in history, and about how the invincible Belichick and Brady ended up looking like saps. Nothing we can do about that, and it won’t go away. We own it, maybe for good. You’ll make sure of that.

In exchange for paying that penance for our real and/or perceived hubris over the past seven years, allow me to suggest that your penance is to stick your halfbaked sports moralizing and national referendums on classiness where the sun doesn’t shine. We’re done listening to a bunch of power-drunk, soccer mom hall monitors, emboldened by the shrieking of ESPN, an unholy alliance of yellow journalists and simmering fusspots bent on advancing their mealy-mouthed vindictiveness while duplicitously wrapped in the flag of ‘fair play’ and ‘honest competition’.

You don’t have an ounce of integrity yourself, so we’re done listening to you talk about it. We’re burying this agenda item today.

I will now attempt the distasteful task of finding the post-game quotes of all the wonderful Giants players who are so much better sports than the evil Patriots. I will post them here. The classy Giants.

I swear the next person who calls the Patriots cheaters is hitting the deck hard.

I haven't been this angry, this long, in a long time.

Greg said...

Here's a little story about REAL fans. Not fans that start cheering late in the season. Not fans that get all cocky and nasty AFTER THE WIN. No - these are fans who stand in the cold late at night AFTER THE LOSS to greet the team. Class. Don't anyone forget which franchise is THE CLASS OF THE NFL. That includes the fans.

P.S., Screw the New Jersey Giants. Remember all the New Jersey Giants fans who sold their tickets to Pats fans in week 17? Where are they now? The victory parade. Pffff.

Rocket said...

My Goodness Greg!

With all due respect for the Pats and the wonderful season that they had, they couldn't pull off the big one. (I never imagined the Pats getting nervous) I watched the game and they seemed so conservative at the beginning that I wasn't sure after the first quarter what the outcome would be. When they needed to bring down (Tarkenton/Manning) in the backfield they had 4 sets of hands all over him and he got away.

I can't believe they were so ill prepared for the pressure on Brady.

So how can you say the victory was stolen? I don't understand and I would have thought your response would have been more measured.

IMHO the Pats looked a little arrogant after their last touchdown with 2+ minutes remaining.(What does that mean? They thought that they had already won?)

So the wonderful season is all for naught. That's life and NY fans have every right to celebrate anyway they want. (It's NYers don't forget). If the whole of Boston is plunged into depression, as I seem to be reading, they seriously need to get over it and concentrate on more important things like whose going to control Britney's estate.

Greg said...

Yeah, Rocket, we're all in shock as well, wondering how the Patriots could play such a horrible game, though in honesty, the Patriots were literally a quarter inch from winning the game, on several plays. But, maybe it had a little something to do with the non-stop attacks from the media, the NFL, NFL players, NFL coaches, pundits, bloggers, fans, non-fans, housewives, children, illegal immigrants and CONGRESS, leading up to the minute before kickoff.

Let me ask you, have you ever in your life seen a team attacked so visciously? Ever? I want an example. It sure seems like America decided it was going to see if the Patriots could be taken down by applying the maximum amount of pressure and distractions. And well, looks like they succeeded. You want an explanation for my anger? There it is.

Next year, instead of watching any games, maybe I should make it my mission to get Congress to investigate Steinbrenner, the Rvd. Tony Dungy and the New Jersey Giants. Maybe an intensive IRS audit is in order for all three. This is apparently fair game these days. You agree?

Fucking bullshit.

And it's not over, Rocket. Congress wants to talk about the video tape from week one next week - they've scheduled hearings. And shortly thereafter, they plan on interviewing an alleged former employee of the Patriots from seven years ago to talk about evidence he says he "might have" from the 2002 Super Bowl. Do you find this appropriate? How do you think Patriots fans should react exactly? Do you think there will be any investigation into the person who, in that same 2002 SB, was caught taking pictures of the Patriots' walk-through from a hotel across the street from the stadium? Will Congress investigate the 2003 ALCS, which the Red Sox lost in heartbreaking fashion? It was later revealed that most of that Yankees team was on anabolic steroids, including the nobody who hit the winning home run. Will there be any Congressional investigation of the NJ Jets' non-stop illegal contacts with Patriots players and coaches? Curtis Martin and Bill Parcells are only 2 examples of people the Jets illegal contacted while under contract with the Patriots. I mean, THAT WAS AGAINST THE RULES OF THE GAME, CLEARLY. Or do you think they will only investigate the Patriots? Tell me.

Anyway, here's the classy victory speech of a NJ Giant. Here's the people you got behind, America. Here's the people you sanctimoniously think are so much better sports than the Patriots. America, I fucking hate you.

Oh, and I hope you all really enjoy hearing from crack-head Mercury Morris, 'cause you'll probably hear that fucking idiot for a long time to come.

Greg said...

Also, I'd like to explore this "arrogance" theme. Apparently, the Patriots "looked" arrogant according to fans of other teams. I wonder, is it arrogant to predict victory in advance? Is it arrogant to call another team's players soft? Is it arrogant to say you're all wearing black to prepare for the opponent's funderal? I'm not sure I understand the definition of "arrogant" anymore. Someone please explain.

Greg said...

This is apparently NOT arrogance:

"We would like to extend this to every other team in the NFL and particularly for the last team we defeated, the New England Patriots," he said, his teammates standing behind him. "Because you know what we did to you? We stomped you out!" NJ Giant.

Greg said...

What about this:


Will Congress investigate? Maybe the Eagles should have won the NFC that year. C'mon Sen. Sphinctor - get on it! Or, I ask again, is there only one team we are going to attack and destroy?

Greg said...

Rocket, you say Boston is "depressed". I think we have definitely moved past depression into full blown raging anger against everyone. God help any Giants fans with big mouths in this city. Peter King and other a-hole Patriots-hating "journalists" who have made it their mission to destroy my team had better keep a low profile next time they visit. I'm one of the calmer people around here right now. I am not remotely kidding when I suggest we will now use the politics of personal destruction against our rivals. I am certain Ted Kennedy is being swamped with demands to investigate the Colts, Yankees, NJ Giants, Jets, Dolphins, Knicks, and Lakers. I will definitely be seding a letter to my congressional delegation, not just to make sure to defend the Patriots in the upcoming witchhunts (plural) against our team, but also to go on the offensive against rival teams. We want revenge against everyone.

Greg said...

I've been wondering, who are all these dedicated New Jersey Giants fans who sold their tickets to Patriots fans in week 17? Well, I finally found them:

You stay classy, New Jersey.

Rocket said...


I'm suspicious of Arlen Spector. Have been since I found out several years ago about his implication in the Ira Einhorn affair.

Rocket said...

sorry all

link was cut off

new link

Greg said...

So who investigates the investigator? No one. That's why the only solution is to enlist our own congressmen and senators to go after teams we don't like.

Greg said...

Remember America - it's the PATRIOTS who are arrogant and classless. This is what you asked for.

Greg said...

From the NJ rally yesterday:

"The Patriots can come down here and film this all the want. We don't mind," Codey said, in a biting reference to stealth cheating accusations that plagued the New England Patriots organization all season.

The fans clearly enjoyed themselves. At one point, during an unprintable anti-Patriot chant heard throughout the stadium...."

Yeah, those cheating Patriots are so dislikable. America, you were absolutely right to pile on and destroy them. You did the right thing. Classy performers like 5th seed NJ Giants clearly deserved all the help you provided.

Greg said...

I was sure NJ fans would distinguish themselves at the parade. You know, from the classless Patriots and their arrogant fans.

"Behind the police lines there were cheers of "Let's go Giants!," of course, along with "Dee-fense" when floats of defensemen passed, and an unprintable variation of "Brady stinks!," referring to defeated Patriots quarterback Tom Brady."

Yeah, Brady sucks. From the same people who were booing Eli Manning 6 weeks ago. I heart the Giants!

Having searched endlessly among the shitpile that is NY/NJ press, I have yet to see one journalist, player, fan or coach congratulate the Patriots on their season, offer condolences for the loss, or even say they played a good game. NOT ONE. Nor have I seen ANY IN THE NATIONAL PRESS. In case it weren't clear how America feels about the Patriots. You stay classy, America! I heart you too.

Greg said...

But wait, I thought the Patriots were arrogant jackasses with no class. How then could these quotes be true, while the angelic Giants players have nothing but negativity, bragging and put-downs emanating from their mouths? I don't understand, America. Please EXPLAIN:

"[The Giants] played good," said Mankins. "They played hard all night and did a lot of good stuff."

Asked if he saw anything he didn't expect, Mankins said, "No, nothing. They just played better than we did that night."

Light adamantly refused to break it down.

"I'm not going to stand here and try to analyze something that we really haven't had time to go back and look over," he said. "Give a lot of credit where credit is due. Those guys executed very well and we obviously didn't do the job we needed to do."

Koppen said he just didn't have an explanation.

"I've been thinking about it, but . . . I just don't know what to think about it," he said.

"They played well in the last game of the season and they played well on Sunday. We just didn't play as well as we wanted to play."

Big time assholes, huh?

Greg said...

"I couldn't imagine playing quarterback, being in his position in that situation. We were trying to kill him ... literally. We were trying to hurt him out there. I think we might have hit him twenty-something times."

Osi Uminyura, America's Team.

LASunsett said...


1. I value and appreciate your readership and input here at PYY, greatly. You are smart, witty, and I (as well as others) look forward to reading your sarcastic witticisms, with much enthusiasm and anticipation. You have been a most welcome visitor and good blog friend.

2. In my post I never said anything disparaging about the team, its fans, or people from Boston.

3. My criticism of Belichick is in reference to the behaviors I have seen and described in the coach, and the coach only. An important component of my job is to observe, evaluate, and interpret human behaviors. I’d like to think I am pretty good at what I do, I have done it for years. If not, they would have run me out of the business a long time ago.

4. I do not agree with Arlen Spector’s decision to investigate the NFL for this accusation. I think you know me well enough to know by now, I don’t like government interfering with businesses of any kind, at anytime unless it involves a crime. There is no law on the books anywhere that covers this. It is a league matter, only.

5. I did not agree with the decision for the media to run with this story right before the Super Bowl. The wife and I were listening to some pre-game show on radio on Sunday and I said such. My thinking is, it should be about the game that was to be played, not some game that was played 7 or 8 years ago.

6. I am not foolish enough to believe it happened without some kind of proof, which to date has not materialized. I am skeptical as to why this did not surface back when the Jets incident occurred.

7. Even if it is proven to have happened, I would not favor stripping the titles away, that would be ridiculous. And since you cannot play the games again, there is nothing that can be done.

8. With all of this said, I still do not like Belichick and I would hope you would understand that it is no negative reflection on you, the team, Mr. Kraft, the fans, or the people of Boston.

9. For this one I will have to remind you of something you said on the football thread after the AFC Championship:

//Unfortunately for the Giants, they have to beat the Patriots to complete the fairy-tale seaon. Ain't gonna happen. I don't believe Belichick has ever lost to a team the 2nd time they play in a season. I'll have to check on that. Plus, he has 2 weeks to prepare. I think the Patriots have been hiding their playbook the last few weeks. They will win the SB by 2 scores and become the greatest football team ever.//

This is why I measure my predictions with caution. Any team can beat any team on any given day.

10. Most sportswriters are jerks. All they have is their opinions and we all know what those things are like.

11. When a team is successful, there will be those that do not like your team. It may be jealousy or whatever. But with this will come jerks that will transfer that hatred onto the team’s fans. I am not one of them.

12. I have respect for the New England team and the organization.

13. I respect Belichick for his football knowledge and his ability to motivate his players, it’s his attitude that I do not like. It’s my opinion and I have my reasons for it. I don’t want to stir anymore sh*t , so I will leave it at that.

14. I cannot believe that a professional football team like the Patriots, who have been criticized all season long, would allow the negative press to affect their play. You, yourself, have said before that it only motivates them more.

15. I am not particularly a fan of the Giants. I liked Parcells, when he coached there, I like his style and his game. But I didn’t care whether they won or not. I did want Eli to do well, because he’s Peyton’s little brother. I lost by little brother when he was but 16 and I was 20. I am partial to little brothers and we all love Peyton here.

16. NY fans and media are the most fickled and hard on their teams. They are second only to Philly in brutality towards anyone, to include their own. It should come as no surprise that they are obnoxious. Believe me, there is no love lost between the sports teams of Indianapolis and NY, the Knicks - Pacers rivalry was bitter and nasty, on both sides.

17. I never would have bet money on the Giants over the Pats. It wasn’t the biggest upset I have ever seen, but it is one of the bigger ones. Jets - Colts in 69 and KC - Minnesota in 71 were far greater. And lets not forget, the Pats against the Rams game was a big one too.

18. I cannot agree with your assessment of the future of the Pats. They will win another Super Bowl. If it’s the undefeated thing you are mad about, it’s not that important. Winning the big game is what counts most.

19. The 72 Dolphins can bask in whatever perceived glory they want, they couldn’t beat the 70s Steelers that won 4 out 5; they couldn’t beat the 49er teams of the 80s or the 60s Packers under Lombardi, either. And not only those teams, they could not beat the 07 Pats. The Dolphins were good, but they were nowhere near as good as the teams I mentioned.

20. Spring training is coming up soon and the Celtics are looking good. Only a fool would think that Boston isn’t a good sports town, with one of the most loyal fan base in the country, in all three sports. All three are playing like they are champions. NE just came up short this time. They will be back, mark my words.

Greg said...

LAS, I didn't want you to think my ire is directed at you. It's directed generally at the entire country, unfortunately. You've been respectful and give me a place to air my disgust, which I appreciate. I'm not slamming you and I want to make that clear.

As for Belichick, he did something wrong, and he and the team have paid dearly. Isn't that enough? Can't we move on at some point? Or does Belichick have to be run out of the NFL and the Patriots championships taken away?

I cannot believe that a professional football team like the Patriots, who have been criticized all season long, would allow the negative press to affect their play. You, yourself, have said before that it only motivates them more.

They are human beings. Even they have limits. How did the Patriots let the game literally slip through their fingers about 4 times just on the last drive? It's never happened. What was different this time? I think it was the pressure - not just of going undefeated - but of knowing the entire world was trying to stop them and then destroy them.

I cannot agree with your assessment of the future of the Pats. They will win another Super Bowl. If it’s the undefeated thing you are mad about, it’s not that important. Winning the big game is what counts most.

You're just trying to make me feel better. Bruschi, Harrisson, Troy Brown and Seau are likely retiring. Moss is a free agent. Asante Samuel, Randall Gay, Eugene Wilson, Chad Scott, Mel Mitchell - basically all the DB's - are free agents. Jabbar Gaffney is a free agent. Stallworth and Kelly Washington have big option bonuses due that likely won't be paid, making them free agents. Who will Brady throw to? Who will play the backfield on defense? Matt Light is a year older and he was old to begin with. And if this awful country has its way, Belichick won't be in the NFL. The sad truth is that they will not be better.

Celtics are looking good.

Garnett may be done for the year, haven't you heard? Ugh.

All I ask is that people leave my team alone, for Christ's sake. Leave us alone. The whole region is completely depressed, America. You've got your pound of flesh, now go pick on the next winner.

LASunsett said...


I doubt Belichick is going anywhere, I doubt the investigation is going anywhere.

Brady will be back.

Sure, some may hang it up. That's the nature of the beast. But some of them want to win another one and others can step up. The key will be to get Moss back and at least two of the defensive players you mention.

I know Harrison and Bruschi (now there's a class act) will probably go and who can blame them? Seasons get harder to finish as you get older, and Ted has had a stroke (he's lucky he's even playing, lucky he can walk).

Plus, you have to think theeir may be some players that are unhappy elsewhere that have made their money and may consider a paycut to get a ring. A lot can happen.

The Pats are the team of the decade, decade. And no, I am not trying to make you fell better. In this day and age, with free agency the way it is, it is hard to build a dynasty. Yet, NE has done that.

I didn't hear about Garnett. I am through with the NBA, so I do not follow it anymore.

As a footnote, just to show you how hard it is to win a championship undefeated, look at NCAA basketball. The last team to do was Indiana 32 years ago. Even the great teams at UCLA had a loss or two when they won. One team has tried since 76 and failed, Bird's ISU team in 79. Sometimes it's best to get the loss out of the way, to take the incredible amount of pressure off going undefeated causes.

The team that gets on the run late, is usually going to win it. That try to sprint the full mile, usually run out of gas, because the last part of the years drains the hell out of them.

LASunsett said...

That try to sprint the full mile

should read:

They that try....

Rocket said...

Hey Greg,

Next time your friend Flocon dedicates a Beatles song to you like he did "You're gonna lose that girl"

Dedicate one back to him from me called:

"You've got to hide your love away.

Greg said...

Rocket - I think he dedicated it to my wife! I came back with "Run for Your Life." On second thought, maybe I should have used, "Get Back."

Rocket said...

Greg, I thought you might like this.

This is how the French react to losing. (I believe you speak French?)

They are speaking about this Jo Wilfried Tsonga, the French kid who made it to the final of the Australian Open

"Et Jo grimpe, grimpe. Jusqu'à la finale de l'Open d'Australie. On l'aime bien, Jo. Qu'importe qu'il perde. On attend son retour en France. Ce n'est qu'un détour. Il part s'installer en Suisse"

Qu'importe qu'il perde!

And now he's gone to live in Switzerland. Too funny