Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brain Erasure

Deep in the wilds of the cosmos comes the sights and sounds of a phenomenon that can only be described as intrinsic, esoteric, and ethereal. It's onset is gradual, but becomes more sudden as it takes hold of the collective psyche of the peripheral movement, known as Obamism. Without warning, it sets in. Without mercy, it invades the minds of the young, inexperienced, and often times immature.

Little is known of this calamity, it's etiology is a mystery. Without sound data, verifiable achievements, and lengthy longitudinal studies that waste money and time, we may never know the truth behind it. And while it cannot be adequately explained with any real clarity and certainty, we know that it exists and the courses of its manifestations are well-documented:

The only way to fight it is, to know what you believe in before you try to defend it.

HT: Atlas Shrugs


Anonymous said...

Wait . . . I can do it.




Ah, forget it.

LASunsett said...

Mustang, kind sir, allow me to add the following items you left off of your list:








I am telling you right here and now, he is solid in these areas too.

Greg said...

"Hope" and "change" aren't the correct answers to every question?

It's funny now, but what if he wins?

LASunsett said...

//It's funny now, but what if he wins?//

If that does happen, then, we can only hope that it will change.

Greg said...


Seriously - it reminds me of religion class in high school. If the teacher called on you to answer a question, and you hadn't been listening, there's a good chance the correct answer was either "Jesus" or "love." Saved me more than once.

LASunsett said...

//If the teacher called on you to answer a question, and you hadn't been listening//

Excellent analogy. The Dems haven't been listening. They are counting on people to reject the status quo for an upstart greenhorn novice that has the same old tired answers to every question.