Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

This week we lost a legend in the world of Rock & Roll. He was born Ellas Otha Bates, was adopted by his mother's cousin, and then became Ellas McDaniel. By the time he died, he was known as one the driving forces that helped the transition of blues into R&R and people knew him simply as, Bo.

This week we honor the music of the great Bo Diddley. Here is his title song:

From the early days, we have a tune that was done in the classic R&R style, Roadrunner:

Bo teams up with Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood in this one, here is Who Do You Love?:

He seemed to like his name in his songs. Here's another one in which you will recognize a face or two. It's called Bo Diddley Put The Rock In Rock And Roll:

He was sick the last few years of his, so he couldn't perform as he used to. Nevertheless, Bo will be missed.

So, enjoy the music of this great pioneer.

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