Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Trepidations Of And Reservations About An Obama Presidency

There are three things I use to base my opinions of the kind of President I think Obama will make. But I will warn you all now, race is not one of them. There are a lot of things I can list that will make me think, he will not be the kind of President we need right now. That much may be debatable to some, but it's what I think just the same.

My rationale for thinking this way is solely based on my personal political belief system, which is a hodge podge of views from all over the spectrum. These are views which have been developed from my own personal experiences and observations (over the many years I have been experiencing and observing), and nothing else.

Here are some conclusions I have drawn about Obama's candidacy, to date:

1. He is inexperienced.

The most notable characteristic that I see is, the fact he is a novice to world politics. He thinks he can BS the world, because he is currently BSing a fair amount of the American people, unchallenged. Well he can't. And I am not alone in this kind of thinking. Let's take a look at what some key Democrats that ran against him in the primary process have had to say about this particular issue, shall we?

I may not agree with their politics or where they stand on the issues; but Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and (even to some degree) John Edwards, all have better qualifications and much more experience on the world stage. Yet, the Dems who have hijacked the party (and turned it even more leftward, than it already was) have looked past who the better candidate is and has determined that no experience is what the American people deserve. And you know what? If we (the people) vote him in, we deserve just that, a greenhorn who could screw things up much more than anyone could have ever imagined.

Folks, if I were a Democrat, I would have supported Joe Biden. It's not that I am this big fan of his, mind you. I think he's a jerk. But he's far closer to my politics and I would trust his experience in complex situations exponentially more, than I do Obama's.

2. The company he has kept, over the years that he has been forming his political worldview.

One cannot tell me that a man can sit with a circle of friends for a period of 20 years (or so) and not be under the same value systems as they are, or at very least be influenced by them. And it's not just those in his past (that impressed him and helped him evolve into the product he is today, who concern me). The people that have already announced their ardent support for him do so for very good reasons. (Mustang has some thoughts about some of these very people.)

Just who is supporting Obama?

There is a fairly well-referenced list of from whence cometh his support. Take a look and see which people and what groups have endorsed (officially and unofficially) him and all that he stands for in this world. A crackhead, a former rival that criticized his inexperience in the primaries, and Communist groups are just a sample of his not-so-secret admirers, all of which are fairly significant components of his base.

These are not the people I want favors being paid back to, while he sits in the Oval Office dealing with things like the fragile economy, jihadism, and the Iran situation. His support base is made up of some pretty unsavory characters who are corrupt thugs and have developed some erroneous conclusions, on how the country should be best run. And there is no margin for error, no room for faulty advice.

3. His political ideology and his stances on many of the important issues of this day are antithetical to my own.

Here are just a handful of items in which I do not agree with him:

-the way he would treat fighting terrorism. He likes it as a law-enforcement issue. Rather than be pro-active by using a military and intelligence approach, he wants to be reactive and respond to threats after they have been realized. He wants Miranda rights read to non-citizens that have sworn an oath of seeking the fall of western civilization.

-the way he wants to exit Iraq. If he is true to his word (and I have no doubt he will be), think of the mess an announced immediate withdrawal will create. If for some reason I am wrong and he doesn't live up to his word, the anti-war groups that are right now trying to touch the hem of his garments will hold him accountable in 2012. And thus, he will not re-elected without their support.

-the way he wants to punish the oil companies through a windfall tax that we the consumers would ultimately end up paying. All the while he wouldn't support nuclear power or offshore drilling to help with reducing our dependency on foreign oil supplies. His stance on this issue is enough to make me wonder if he really wants a solution, or wants a problem to campaign on.

-the way he wants to treat global warming. Instead of giving tax breaks to those who voluntarily cut back on energy consumption, he wants to create laws that force companies to buy expensive equipment and materials. In short, he wants to punish these companies too and make Al Gore's buddies rich in the process.

-the way he wants to deal with illegal immigration. McCain isn't much better and cannot challenge him on this, because of his past stances. But the thing that McCain can do is define himself as the polar opposite in the other areas, as he has already began to do. You cannot have everything, something must be sacrificed along the way. I'll take McCain's stances on the other topics, any old day of the week.

I could go on. Believe me, it wouldn't be too difficult. But most of the readers of this blog could easily guess the other stark differences I have with the Illinois senator.

The point is, I cannot be concerned with race. I can think of a lot of black people that would make a far greater President than he would. Trouble is, none of them are running and Obama is. Give me a Richard Steele, Lynn Swann, JC Watts, Herman Cain, even a Bill Cosby, and I wouldn't feel a bit uneasy about them ascending into the Oval Office to make critical decisions that would affect this nation (as well as the entire world). I may not agree with every one of those decisions these men would make, but I bet I could live with the lion's share of them.

I am deeply concerned to the point of trepidation at the kinds of choices Obama would make in crunch situations, where the future of the free world is at stake. I would not be comfortable with more social programs, more taxes, and more government regulation and mandates causing the loss of freedoms for individuals and groups who do not want more interference from a government that cannot even manage its own affairs, responsibly.

If anyone thinks that any of this makes me a racist, it shows how truly ignorant they really are and how badly they want to ride the race card to power. It is those individuals that have distorted truth to suit their own agendas and to empower themselves for corrupt and ingenuous purposes. They care nothing about America, they only want to use it as a means of enriching themselves with both money and influence.

Some Addenda:

1. Obama is already setting the tone for a race campaign. (Audio: Here) "Anyone that is against me, is racist", will be the underlying message
resonated throughout this campaign, when anyone "dares" to criticize him fairly.

2. Another reason I do not think Obama is (anywhere near) the best candidate for the job is, he is triangulating in some areas now that he has the nomination locked up. Here are a few of the things we have seen him back-pedal on. It's not that we aren't used to it (to some degree) from all pols, but the stakes in this race are way too high to be required to worry about which course he wants to take.

Did he lie to the left-wing when campaigning to get the nomination? Or is he lying now? Which is it Senator? These are fair questions to ask of a candidate for the highest office in the land.

3. It seems that Mr. Obama is embellishing his record (such as it exists) again. There's a discrepancy listed here and McCain is right to pounce on it.

4. Hugh Hewitt responds to the ridiculous claim by Obama, discussed in addendum #1.

5. Human Events has a piece
called The Changeling. It reinforces some of what has been often implied, along the way. That is to say, much of the American electorate is not very smart.


Anonymous said...

I am beyond the point where I’m surprised by Obama’s supporters, but thank you for that link to a comprehensive list of individuals and organizations that hate America and repudiate its traditions and values. The underlying theme of this site appears to be that we are plagued with citizens who are easily fooled; I wish it were not so. That George Clooney supports Obama impresses me not, but I know there are thousands of under-educated bozos who think, “Swell, if Obama’s good enough for my favorite Hollywood actor, he’s good enough for me.”

Nor should we be shocked that the Communist Party endorses Obama; he is, after all a Marxist himself – the bedrock of black theology, including the apostate ideas of the Nation of Islam. That the CCDS and SDS are on board is unsurprising, along with the several Muslim organizations who along with supporting Obama are also likely to have ties to foreign terrorist organizations. We may never know how much Middle Eastern money that will find its way into the Obama 2008 campaign, or any specific source – but I would think that following the endorsements of Hamas and Hezbollah, even average Americans should be concerned about that. Obama Youth, along with their Crescent logo was interesting – amazing only from the standpoint that this so-called Christian enjoys nearly universal support from among Muslim organizations. I somehow do not get the impression that any of these Islamacists are ready to convert; I’m not sure about Obama, however . . . if in fact he was ever a Christian.

I recently published an extract from a statement made by Momar Qadhafi (source, MEMRI) who painted a revealing snapshot of Obama’s principle strategy – and you’ve covered that well in this excellent rant: If you cannot persuade them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh*t. So, like you, I am beyond wary that Barack Obama is now, or ever will be, the right man to lead our nation – but then again, I do value American tradition and values. And like you, I do not think that the color of his skin is important, but the color of his soul (which is bright red). If he should win the White House, it will signal the beginning-of-the end of our great Republic – not because he achieved election, but because so many people are that easily persuaded that progressivism is preferred over our hallowed traditions.

Greg said...

Quick - name BHO's biggest accomplishment.

On the race issue, I had an interesting discussion with some Obamatons at last week. I invite you all to read it. Basically, I said I didn't find BHO particularly impressive and couldn't think of one reason to vote for him. Then several bloggers lamented my inability to recognize history unfolding in front of us. I responded that an appealing skin color isn't a reason to elect the POTUS. At that point, they attacked me for suggesting his skin color was an attribute. But wait a minute, didn't you just say that I should appreciate the historic nature of his candidacy? See, the Obamatons don't want to admit it, but they are all giddy about making history - that's why the guy with the second most votes during the Democratic primary is going to get the nomination. They really do believe in affirmative action, don't they? The discussion also included a defense of BHO's terrorist friend, William Ayers, which I know you will find amusing. See, Ayers didn't kill anyone (at least not with his own bare hands), so why should he regret anything, and why should anyone be ashamed of being his buddy? Of course, BHO is ashamed, which is why he won't answer any difficult questions about Ayers, like, "Senator, is there a relationship between your friend Ayers spitting on the flag and your refusal to wear the flag?"; and it's why Ayers won't hurt his friend by talking - he'll keep his mouth shut at least until November. Fascinating.

Quick, name BHO's biggest accomplishment. Name one.

LASunsett said...

//If he should win the White House, it will signal the beginning-of-the end of our great Republic – not because he achieved election, but because so many people are that easily persuaded that progressivism is preferred over our hallowed traditions.//

I am definitely with you on this one, sir. To think that he wins the WH is not the issue, it's the people that are stupid enough to trust this guy that put him there. The one person that has really surprised me is Colin Powell, I still cannot get over how he is thinking about supporting Obama. I am very surprised and it borders on shocked.

LASunsett said...

//Quick, name BHO's biggest accomplishment. Name one.//

Wait. Uh, uh, uh, there was that time when this person said....never mind. I forgot, that wasn't him,

How about the the the, whatchamathing that he did in that place somewhere? Wait, never mind. That wasn't him either.

How about I get back to you on this one? I am sure I can think of something before November. Surely he has done something besides just being anointed as the Obamessiah, who taketh away the sin of the world.

As for the Obamatons on SF, what do you expect from rabid anti-American culturists? It's why I never go there anymore. It was once a site that had an objective worthy of some consideration, French-bashing. Now that French bashing has all been retired for the time being, it's just another hate-America left wing site.

Mark said...

Barak H. Obama's biggest accomplishment was beating Hillary Rodham Clinton, who went into the primaries expecting to be anointed by the faithful.

That or the massive con he pulled on a large number of Americans, getting them to believe his far left Jimmy Carter retread policies are those of "change."

Americans will will be lucky to have any change in their pockets if Barak H. Obama gets into the Oval Office.

Other than those two things, he has a rather unimpressive resume. The fact that he has never had a real job in his life apparently is not an issue with his supporters/worshipers.

LASunsett said...

//That or the massive con he pulled on a large number of Americans, getting them to believe his far left Jimmy Carter retread policies are those of "change."//

Not to mention the recycled JFK and Mario Cuomo speeches. I cannot wait until there is a debate and McCain eats him alive. Nothing but good hard questions and no tele-prompters, that's when the American people will see how naive and ill-prepared he is.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, LA . . . he has handlers. He won't go in to a debate unprepared, and he'll study McCain thoroughly. McCain had better do his homework, too.

And then of course, no matter how the debate turns out, the MSM will give Obama "the win." It is a stacked deck, my friend.

Now, if you want to have some fun, go check out this site

She is the defender of the Messiah.

LASunsett said...

//She is the defender of the Messiah.//

A real messiah doesn't need defending. But then again, she's entitled to believe as she wishes. Who knows? Maybe she will get her wish and have a country in ruins, to show for her efforts. Think of it as "the second coming" of JC (not Jesus mind you, but Jimmy Carter).

I am convinced the young people will need to experience a miserably failed government, in order to complete their personal growth and development. With any luck, interest rates will climb so high, we can put our money into CDs and earn some real money.

Of course, since Americans will be saving instead of investing, joblessness will rise higher than it ever has before. No investments, no job creation. But that's not all. Government giveaways will trigger a new round of inflation so hopefully we get to keep our jobs to keep up with it.

You, sir, are retired. I am in a recession proof profession and have 10 years seniority at this current organization. The kids with no experience, no skills, and no goals will be the ones suffering, why should we care? Right?

Of course I am being sarcastic. This is why I am posting so heavily on this cat Obama. This is not what we need right now. We both know this is a mistake. But these kids aren't going to listen to any of us who know, just to spite us all. And as we always have done, we will have to watch them suffer more disappointment and help them pick up the pieces as a result of their own naivete and gullibility.