Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

Today is the first full day of summer with the summer solstice occurring last evening. For this very occasion, I thought a few songs about summer would be appropriate for this weekend's installment of ABFTP.

Besides school being out for the summer, baseball parks are open for business and kids are staying up until 3 AM when they have a ball game at 8 AM the next morning. But as for me, I officially began my first round of vacation yesterday afternoon. So to start off this week's music is a tune that goes way back to the early days of rock and roll. Here is Connie Francis with her hit, Vacation:

One of the premier songs that still gets quite a bit of playing time on oldies stations everywhere at this time of year is a little tune by a band called the Lovin' Spoonful. When I hear it, I think of those long creeping traffic jams on a stretch of concrete, also known as a freeway. Here is Summer In The City:

Some great nostalgic photography comes with the video with this next song. It had some elements of rock and jazz fused together very well and was a hit back in the 60s. I still hear it now and then. Here is the long version of Billy Stewart's Summertime:

Lounging around a pool or beach somewhere in the blistering heat is what this next song calls back to remembrance. Here is Sly And The Family Stone's summertime hit, Hot Fun In The Summertime:

Happy Summer To All. Enjoy (and be safe).


AC at Fore Left has his own tribute to summer and it is quite worth a look.

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